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    Are these names really boring?

    Why are girls names so hard for me? There are so many beautiful choices but I always go back to my simple favorites and I've been told they're "boring".

    I love flower, nature, and jewel names, and I also like old fashioned (maybe a little retro, those coming back around lately) names. My favorite flower name is Rose. I love roses. Love their symbolism. Love their classic beauty. I know it is popular and overused, in the middle spot especially, but I still love it and go back to it all the time. I also love Lavender but I had a rat names Lavender so it might be weird to use it on a human.

    My favorite jewels, by far, are pearls, but I've bee told Pearl is so old fashioned and, again, boring. But I love the ties that pearls have to the sea; I love how alive they seem in comparison to other jewels, their understated beauty, the creamy rainbow of hues! I've been obsessed with pearls since I was little.

    My favorite old-fashioned/retro names are Alice and Beatrice.

    My boys names in the first name spots are all chosen for their connections to things I love and the middles are to honor people I love, and who have supported me throughout my life.

    I do not have any women in my life who I want or need to honor so I like the idea of choosing a name based solely on what I find beautiful. But I don't think Rose Pearl or Pearl Rose really work together. Am I wrong? Could they work? Are they boring? Are there better alternatives? I keep going back to these same couple names and then being knocked down because they're not exciting or different enough. In the end, I will be a single mum, so it will be my choice but I wonder if they really are too dull to use. If I have to choose one or the other to use though, and they can't go together, I love Pearl more.

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    Rose and Pearl are both absolutely gorgeous. I don't think Rose Pearl flow well though (mainly because they're both word names and have the same one syllable) -maybe Rosalind Pearl instead? You know, not everyone will like your choices, but that's fine. All names have their own lovers and haters. Pearl Beatrice or Pearl Alice are absolutely lovely too -just go with the name you love!

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    I don't find them boring at all...but I don't think they have the best flow together (both being one syllable makes it choppy in my opinion.). Do you like any of the long versions of Rose? Rosemary, Rosalie, Roseanne..etc. Pearl Rosalie is very beautiful. If you don't like any of the long versions..screw what people think. Name her what you like and makes you happy.

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    I think your choices are lovely! Definitely not boring. I love that they all have a bit of vintage charm to them. They would make adorable and refreshing sibsets!

    I think Rosalie Pearl would be gorgeous. Pearl Beatrice or Rose Beatrice are also very nice.

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    I was worried about the choppiness of two, one syllable word names as well. I figured it was one reason they didn't go well together but I don't love other versions of Rose. They have a completely different feel. I think Rosalind is pretty though, Rosamund is sort of ethereal, and Rosemary is spunky. I would like to use Pearl as the first name if I can make it work.

    Pearl Rosalind or Pearl Rosamund are pretty choices but I still like just plain Rose better even though Pearl Rose doesn't flow as well. Pearl Beatrice is a lovely one as well. I kind of like how bright and sparkling Pearl Clementine sounds together. I haven't been brave enough to tell anyone though since all my favorites (for girls) have been met with "boring", "old", "shabby", "clunky" and other such unattractive descriptors. All of my boys choices have been met favorably, but the only girls names anyone has liked are ones I kind of like but don't love and just threw in the mix for ideas.

    I'm trying not to overthink what others want from a name for my baby, but I want to make sure I'm not bestowing her with an awful or boring one either. I want her to like her name.
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