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    Please share your favourite boy names!

    All names welcome. Please share your favourites no matter how odd.

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    Oliver is my number one, then Jesse, Will (not William), Jay, Parker, Patrick, Archer, Elias "Eli", Halstead (guilty pleasure but i love), Adam, Antonio, Rhodes, Raphael/Rafael, Johnny, Christopher, Connor, Caleb, Nate, Taylor, Isaac, Henry, Jase, Lucas, Jackson, Hartley, Bryson, Tommy, Greyson, Porter, Landen, Colton, Mason, Caden, Jasper, Asher, Oakley, Miles, Ryan, Rowan, Ryder, Ryker, Hunter, River, Payton, Colter, Maxwell, Louie, Beau, Brody, Brayden and I could go on for ever!
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    Oliver Jay
    Jesse Noah ➳Parker Adam ➳William Patrick "Will"
    Elias Holden "Eli" ➳Caleb Henry ➳Jackson Rhodes "Jack"

    GP: Halstead Jase

    Everly Sophia "Evie"
    Felicity Camille ➳Thea Rosalie ➳Emily Aurora ➳Lilia Sage
    Nora Emmeline ➳Avery Jane ➳Parker Lily ➳Amelia Rose

    GP: Gabriela May

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    Misha Louis Valentine • Kit Horatio • Evren Icarus Jay • Valentine Arthur __?__ • Remy Alexander Kit
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    Wesley Jay (middle is a family name)
    Elliott Mason
    Dawson Cole
    Roman or Ronan Gabriel
    Everett Jacob
    Jonathan Rhys
    Evan Parker
    Hudson Joshua
    Beckham Elliott (Middle name may change)
    Lincoln Wilder or Lincoln Atticus
    Josiah Cannon (Middle name may change)
    Lachlan Shepherd
    Grant Jeremiah or Jeremiah Grant
    Quinn Maverick
    Kieran Asher
    Brennan Riley
    Griffin Miles
    Isaiah Brooks
    Brighton Alistair
    Holden Adam (Middle name will probably change)
    Easton Micah
    Connor Grayson
    Isaac Jameson
    Linden Matthew

    This is almost my entire list of boys names. LOL!
    Formerly Erin91!

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    Wesley Jay, Jonathan Rhys, Elliott Carter, Roman Gabriel, Everett Jacob, Evan Parker, Hudson Joshua, Lincoln Wilder, Dawson Cole, Beckham Elliott, Josiah Cannon

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    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
    Jack Rowan AugustPiers Lachlan WilderCharlie Everett GrayHenry Oliver Birch
    Lily Anne VesperSophie Jane MagnoliaEliza Margaret Birdie

    <3 heart my son <3

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