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    Need Help! Why is Finding a middle name for Jesse so hard?

    Im struggling so bad right now guys. Im trying to sort my signature out because i keep changing the names on it and its annoying me. Jesse is my 2nd favourite name for a little boy but i cant find a middle name that i adore! Im not ready to give up but everytime i find a good name, i convince myself that its not the right one. The only real one that i love is Jesse Lee but I cannot have a potential name for a child that is also one of my celebrity crushes names! Also Jesse Lee Soffer is pretty famous and i would be judged!

    Please help! I dont know what to do!
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    I know what you mean, I as well have been trying to find a middle for Jesse for quite a while. The only thing I've come up with is Jesse Leopold (similar to your Jesse Lee). Good luck!
    top three:

    diana // victoria // evelina "eva"

    (completely redoing boys list)

    combos with violet:

    violet emmeline // violet isadora // violet anastasia
    athena violet // violet sofia // violet adele


    maxine ophelia
    adelaide matilda
    evelina daisy

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    You're right. Jesse does make for some slightly cumbersome name combos. Here's my list of combos that flow fairly well:

    Jesse Allen
    Jesse Russel
    Jesse Ray
    Jesse Wayne (That's says cowboy, eh?)
    Jesse Alton
    Jesse Elwood
    Jesse Anderson
    Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Arthur
    Jesse Doyle
    Jesse Lawson
    Jesse Albin
    Jesse Eldridge
    Jesse Loy (like Lee, but not)
    Jesse Blaine

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