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    Due Any Day & Still No Name! HELP!!

    Picking a boy's name to go with soon-to-be big sister Talulah is the hardest thing we've ever done. We can't completely commit to anything.

    We love unique, nickname-able names - we call Talulah, Lulu or Lu. Our last name is one of the most common last names and it ends in 'ER.

    Here's the names that have continued to stay on our list...

    Talmadge - It's a family name, but we feel it's too matchy, matchy with Talulah. And if we decide to have more kids in the future, it would leave us stuck with only T names.

    Wilbur - Again, a family name, my grandfather's to be exact. We love the name Wilbur, just not the possible nickname of Will. Although, my Pop Pop never got Will, he did get Wib, which I don't mind at all. We could use the nickname Wilby/Wilbee to possibly stop anyone from using "Will". Also, Dad is a William, however, he goes by Bill. So, is Wilbur too William-y?

    Sylvester - Is it too cartoon-ish? And what would be a nickname? We do like how everyone knows the name, but not anyone named it. It's a strong name too.

    Harrington - My dad passed away a few years ago, so we gave his middle name, Tawes, to our daughter Talulah. Talulah was one of my dad's favorite names, (he loved Bruce Willis). My dad's name was Harry, which is too common for us. Harris and Harrison are also way too common for us as well. Harrington has that Harry sound and Harry nickname, but I don't think it goes well with Talulah. And I don't know if I love the name.

    One last thing... We like the sounds of Theodore, Winston, Oscar, etc. - the cute, yet strong names - but want a name that is perfably not in the top 1000.

    Any suggestions?! Please help!!
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    I really love the sound of Oscar and Talulah and don't think oscar is too popular! My other favorite of your choices is Sylvester! I would call him syl (sounds like sill) and I would actually call him "Silly" as a baby nickname

    How about:

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    Honestly, I love all of your top contenders!

    Talmadge - amazing and very matchy, matchy with Talulah. I wouldn't pass on the opportunity to use it, so I'd put it in the middle.

    Wilbur - not too William-y and gets to honor dad and grandpa at the same time! This name is a tiny bit cutesy for my taste, but goes well with sister's sweet name. Wills, Wilby, Burr or Burs could work as nns.

    Sylvester - I know two guys named Sylvester and with the rise of Sylvia, I think it will feel familiar without getting trendy. Vester and Syl, or even Sterling work as nns.

    Harrington - I know a young Kharrington, so this seems familiar to me. This seems to be your least favorite, you already gave your daughter Harry's middle name, and the best nn is too common. Maybe Tony could be the nn, or Ringo

    I like Winston best from your extras list.

    Wilbur Talmadge or Sylvester Talmadge!

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    Naming #2 is so hard! But you have a beautifully named daughter and some great options for her little brother!

    Talmadge - I see what you mean about being a little too matchy with Talulah. It would be a great middle, though!

    Wilbur - I like it, and I don't think "Will" is inevitable. There are plenty of other cute nicknames and it is short enough I don't think it has to have one.

    Sylvester - I do think of the cartoon but it is a great name and I think if I met a little boy named this it would change my initial reaction. I knew of a guy named Sylvester and he went by Sly. I always thought that was a cool nickname.

    Harrington - I like Harrington ok, but it definitely seems like one that will get a nickname. So if you go with this I'd pre-determine what that nickname would be, otherwise I think you'll get Harry by default.

    Good luck!

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    I really like Sylvester
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