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    Girls: Bertha, probably.

    Guys: Probably a wild misspelling of a trendy name. Ashtyyn or something.

    the girls

    liv francesca jane & gwyneira elizabeth james & ursula thisbe fiona &
    english mireille jeanine & cassia wildrose jean & sylvie eloise beatrix &
    dulcie liselotte & calla jade & jocelyn “josie” stellaluna claire
    margo, katelyn, celeste; frida, dahlia, celia, estella, delilah; clio, juno, twyla; presley, marnie; evchen

    viveca, posy, frankie, oona, leta, darcie,

    the boys

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    Girls: Brinley
    Boys: Braxton (Makes me think of contractions)
    Frederick "Fritz" Peter Francis 12.2018

    Mary Faye Endellion
    Sonata | Delphine | Vera | Maelys

    Bram Casimir Aro
    Nikolai | Kit | Bjorn | Elliott

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    I really don't like any made-up or trendy names, or names that are spelled unnecessarily weird, or boy names on girls (and vice versa), so I'll go ahead and exclude those from my list because it'll be a loooooong list if I include them

    So here are a few actual names that I just can't stand for whatever reason.

    Beatrice/Beatrix - I just don't understand the appeal.
    Eleanor - Sounds outdated to me. :/
    Emma - I know SO MANY girls within the past year with this name. It's getting annoying.
    Any "Maddie" name (Madison, Madelyn, Madeleine)
    Poppy - Can't unsee it as Poopy, I'm sorry.

    -Ayden names - I just know so many. Sooooo many.
    Crispin - I saw this once and thought it was a joke. It's just....not good.
    Rowan - Can't unhear "rowin'"
    Theodore - He's always gonna be a chipmunk to me

    Probably more but these are just off the top of my head...

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    It's so hard to choose, but I'm going to say Paisley and Brock.
    Anthony, he/him --- math geek & writer

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    Ambrose | Blair | Dorian | Gale | Heron | Kay | Marlo | Merit

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    Boys: Oscar/Oskar
    Girls: Madison (even though I love Madeline, Madeleine, etc.)

    emilia katherine ♕ grace juliette ♕ madeline alexandra ♕ livia rose ♕ sadie lillian ♕ mila caroline

    james thomas ♔ will benjamin ♔ colin alexander ♔ nicholas patrick "nick"

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    For me, it's:

    Girls: Bertha, Agnes, Quinn, Gertrude, Phyllis, Hortense, Helga, Olga, Oleta, Maria (mean boss), Lola, Irene (my dad's former boss, she was mean), Delilah (the lady from the Bible kind of turned me away from this name), Yvonne (sounds snobby), Yvette (see Yvonne), Myrtle (rhymes with turtle), Veruca (not a nice meaning, plus the Charlie and the Chocolate factory character...ugh), Delores/Dolores (means "sorrow", and Dolores Umbridge is such a horrible character), Millicent, Ethel (sounds like a poisonous gas to me), Ursula

    Boys: Adolf (obvious reasons), Heinrich (Himmler), Rudolph (reindeer and Nazi name), Kurt (doesn't have a nice ring to it, in my opinion), Hubert (sounds like puberty), Herbert, Ronald (Reagan), Donald (a certain reality TV star who shall, for me, remain nameless because he's a mean person), Ethelbert (I feel bad for my ancestor who had to go through life with this name, even though he was born in Germany), Mortimer (ehhh...the "mort" part kind of puts me off, being that mort means death), Wilbur, Lyle, Humbert, Edgar (a former friend of my dad's; he was selfish, and always tried to pay my dad less than he was owed from various construction jobs), Byron (another friend of my dad's, who was always a real...rhymes with lass (without the l) to me and my sister), Ryder
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    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Joseph Tobias
    Samuel Eliezer
    Phineas Michael
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Quentin Josiah
    Thomas Jude

    Possible future daughter names:
    Saoirse May
    Deryn Maia
    Sarah Rebekah
    Primrose May
    Haven Dorothy
    Cadence Snow
    Thomasin Cara

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    Girl: Erin
    Boy: Brody
    Bohème ❋ Marigold ❋ Florence ❋ Kahlo ❋ Luella ❋ Valentine ❋ Odette ❋ Aneko ❋ Reverie
    Agnes ❋ Adelaide ❋ Elodie ❋ Juniper ❋ Matisse ❋ Colette ❋ Beatrix ❋ Fable ❋ Anaïs ❋ Poet

    Etienne ❋ Wilder ❋ Brahms ❋ Shepherd ❋ Thoreau ❋ Atlas ❋ Lafayette ❋ Sylvester
    Thatcher ❋ Guthrie ❋ Viggo ❋ Huxley ❋ Orion ❋ Atticus ❋ Arthur ❋ Wolf ❋ Laszlo

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    Girl: Bertha, Uvia, Dorcas, and the trend of obviously masculine names being used for girls. Some are unisex and cute but if I ever meet a little girl named David or Richard I will be bothered.

    Boy: Gaylord, Elmo, Horace, Dilbert.
    Rose Ophelia - Elena Juliet - Mahala Grace
    Catherine Dove - Evelina Selene
    Aurora Solveig - Elsa Liselotte - Aria Celeste

    Luka Wilde - Atticus North - Kai Hugo
    Maximus Björn - Nathanael Jack
    Cassian Nico - William Hype - James Seven

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    Dani + August 7.7.15, soon to be TTC

    Hoping for a...
    Zinnia Joan, Lorelei Opal, Tallulah Phoenix, Daphne Caroline, Beatrix Pearl, Meredith Ellis, Davina Matisse, Sibylla Dove
    Or a...
    Asa Magnus, Kasper Alfonse, Quincy Cooper, Roland Merit, Otto Ezra, Walter Simon, Baxter Allan, Florian Ramsey, Rigby Jones

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    Girls: Romilly and Sloane. I just don't see the appeal at all. Also trendy spellings of names.
    Boys: Trendy spellings, but also -ayden names. Jayden, Ayden, etc.
    Current Favorites:

    Elowen Aurora Winter ~ Evelyn Nevara Louise ~ Freya Evangeline Snow ~ Rosemary Alaska Dawn ~ Hazel Evanthe Rose

    Warren Augustus Jay ~ Charles Zachariah Jude ~ Samson Oliver Lark ~ James December Cody ~ Theodore Christopher River

    Ardith - Anwen - Bethany
    Victor - October "Toby" - Henry

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