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Thread: Cassian?

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    How would you pronounce Cassian? The "correct" way is Cash-en, and that's what I prefer, but SO only likes it as Cas-ee-in (100% because of Rogue 1 and the Star Wars franchise). I prefer nn Cash to Cas as well. What are your opinions? How would you pronounce Cassian?
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    I prefer "cas-ee-an" to "cash-ee-an", so I'd use this pronunciation if I had to choose. It's a nice name but not for me.

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    I much prefer Cass-ee-an, I hate the Cash-an pronounciation. It reminds me too much of money.

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    I would say Cass-ee-un. I'm really not a fan of Cash-un, and definitely prefer Cas over Cash too.
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    I see Cassian being pronounced as cass-ian and would use Ian or Cass as a nickname.

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