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    Post Which is your favorite?

    I was going through the names that have increased in popularity and now have a place in the top 1000. Some are really not my style, but some are lovely and it's nice to see them being used. Boy names are interesting because on the girl list most of the names that have increased are either entirely made-up or just creative spellings, while most of the boy names that have jumped a lot are names from other cultures like Benicio and Hakeem which are not my style but are perfectly lovely in their own right.
    Which are your favorites?

    Creed +370 now ranked #982
    Fox +288 now ranked #746
    Shepherd +242 now ranked #863
    Bridger +162 now ranked #859
    Alistair +155 now ranked #874
    Lyle +96 now ranked #981
    Leif +92 now ranked #969
    Ira +73 now ranked #950
    Foster +68 now ranked #965
    Harris +36 now ranked #967

    These are some that are not my style but made a significant jump:
    Kylo +2368 now ranked #901
    Mikael +222 now ranked #958
    Eason +199 now ranked #902
    Jad +142 now ranked #980
    Koda +110 now ranked #927
    Westley +108 now ranked #912
    Brayson +97 now ranked #957

    In comparison to the increase list, most of the decreased names are unique spellings...
    Aaden -239
    Triston -230
    Braeden -203
    Chace -202
    Brantlee -176
    Camren -170
    Haiden -119
    Kaeden -101

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    I really like surname names, so my picks are Shepherd, Foster, and Harris.

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    Ira is a long-time favorite of mine, so I'm happy to see it getting some love!
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    I like Alistair (although prefer a different spelling), Ira, and Leif.
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    I love:


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