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    Name for 3rd boy - Orson, Otto, Gideon

    We are looking for a name for our 3rd boy. Older brothers' names are Anders and Bram. We like names that are strong and classy but not common. Our options right now are Orson, Otto and Gideon. Any opinions on those names or suggestions for names that go well with Anders and Bram?

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    I love Gideon! I think Anders, Bram, and Gideon make great names for brothers! Gideon shares some great qualities with Anders and Bram- it's not super popular, but it's not way "out there" either. They have the same kind, grounded but fun, feel. I would go with Gideon!
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    vote here

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    Oo I love Anders and Bram! My vote definitely goes to Otto but I do like Orson and Gideon too.

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    My vote definitely goes to Orson, I love the name
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