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Thread: Need help!

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    Need help!

    We were very blessed to find out that our first child is going to be a boy. We were both ecstatic since we always wanted our oldest to be a boy but now we are having problems trying to think of the perfect name! We are looking for something masculine and unique. Nothing too off the wall but something that you don't hear often but at the same time doesn't sound made up. We don't really have any family names, other then DH middle name is James and he wants to use that somehow. James is the middle name of his father and grandfather and then it is also the first name of his other grandfather and uncle.

    What do you all think of Jameson? We are leaning towards something like Jameson Cole. It's a slight twist on James while being unique. The nicknames are endless too: James, Jay, Jamie, Sonny or we could call him by his middle name Cole.

    If we don't go with Jameson, then most likely we will want the middle name to be James. Does anybody have any suggestions??

    No name is a bad idea!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I love Jameson. Jameson Cole is handsome. some other ideas

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    Donovan James
    Sullivan James
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    Thanks for the input ladies! I like some of the other suggested names as well.

    I was worried that Jameson might make some people automatically think of the whiskey.

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    Any other opinions or suggestions? All are welcome.


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