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    My nickname is X, but it's short for Y, not Z

    This is slightly based on a couple of other games. It'll probably be a failure, but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, the first person gives a nickname that can be for mutiples names, but it's not short for one certain name.

    For example:

    Player 1: My nickname is Freddie, but it's not short for Frederick it's short for....

    Player 2: Alfred. My nickname is Ben, but it's not short for Benjamin. It's short for...

    And so on.
    I'll start off.

    My nickname is Ken, but it's not short for Kendall. It's short for...

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    My nickname is Em, but it's not short for Emma. It's short for...
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    vote on my name list:

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    My nickname is Charlie, but it's not short for Charles. It's short for...
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    My nickname is Richie, but it's not short for Richard, it's short for . . .
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    My nickname is Lucy, but it's not short for Lucille, it's short for . . .
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