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    Cool Writer's Corner Family

    Hey guys! I've used Nameberry for character names for almost a full year, and I've seen a lot of the same people in the Writer's Corner responding to posts. You probably have, too. I love that there's so many people who are dedicated to being part of the community. One thing that caught my attention recently is that we don't really know anything about the people we're responding to or getting responses from. Because of that, I created this so there's a place for us to get to know one another better. This is a place to find new people to add as friends and find out more about the people behind the name help. Start by telling people about yourself and see where it goes. Enjoy!

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    My pen name is Marie O'Marilyn, and I'm a young aspiring writer! The sad thing is that I live in a super small town, and there isn't a professional writer to help me with my writing troubles. So yeah, I basically live off of websites like Go Teen Writers! {here's the link:} and Nameberry. I suffer from a rare neurological condition, so I sometimes turn to writing as a comforting activity. My dream is to leave my mark on the world to make it a better place .


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    Idk if I'm considered a regular poster, since I usually only pop down here if there's a question I really think I can help with.

    My name is Abby but I think I will use Esmae as my pen name since Abby is so common, and I have a pretty forgetful surname too. I've wanted to be an author since I was in second grade because my teacher that year had written a book just the year prior, so she gave us an inside look into the writing process. It was really cool because she showed us the book (it was a children's picture book) through the different stages of publication, and we also did a lot of work with writing. I've participated in nanowrimo for the last 3 years, and I've completed the last 2. As my signature says, I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm thinking about minoring in creative writing in college. Right now, the only major audiences for my writing are 3 of my close friends, and members of my school's creative writing club. I've posted my stories on wattpad a couple times but ultimately took them down because they weren't very good.

    Looking forward to meeting more of you!
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    Maybe I'm not a regular poster either, but anyway...
    I'm Wanda (I guess you could call that my pen name, though I hardly ever publish anything because I hardly ever finish anything), I'm 21, and I mostly come to the Writer's Corner because I feel like I can actually be of help here - the questions on the other forums usually have 20+ replies already, and with much more insight to the (mostly american) naming trends going on. And because I like reading others story ideas a lot

    I have two half-written stories currently that I mentioned in that other thread:
    Tuesdays is a high school trash novel about telepaphy (and ignorance, I guess) and No love, but XOXO is a dystopian story set in 2060s Germany. I have some ideas for a third story, a Harry Potter fanfic about four halfblood siblings and how they deal with their heritage differently, but I want to finish at least one of the other ones before I start it.

    @Abby What your teacher did sounds so cool! I wish I could have seen something like it.
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    I'm not a regular poster either but if I think I can help with something I'll respond, although I don't always check in on the writer's forum on a regular basis. I've been writing since what feels like my entire life although I was probably around 11 or 12. When I started using nameberry for names, I was on it for a year before I realized there was even a writer's forum

    I like to write across various genres, such as mixing up fantasy and sci-fi, and my main loves are fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian settings, and a lot of paranormal stuff thrown in, but in spite of all the ideas and stories I have, I've never actually finished anything. I guess it's because I get distracted so easily, and discouraged even more, and since I never had anyone else to talk to about writing in my personal life, I've either pushed it to the side or moved on to something else.

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    My name's Grey. I kind of like to think that I'm a regular poster, but I only ever post if I have ideas. Let's see, I'm fifteen. i started writing maybe a year and a half ago, so I consider myself still newish to the whole writing scene. I can't remember when I joined nameberry, just that it was a while ago.

    I've written and published a couple short stories on this website called Booksie although I haven't published anything in a while. My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, so most of my story ideas are around those genres. I also love to edit and want to practice it, and if anyone ever wants a fresh set of eyes to look over their story, I'd be happy to help.

    So, that's me. Nice to meet you all!
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    You can call me Sagebrush or Sage I guess, I don't have a better pen name or alias.
    I'm a younger teenberry. I love writing stories and I have been since I had the motor skills to write. Lately I have no patience for my long term stories because they are all silly and immature stories.

    I would love to help edit and of course come up with character names.
    It would be really nice to get a push on some of my story ideas to get going, like talk about plot and things of that nature.
    See you around

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    I'm Anya; My pen name is Z. Reyna(short for Zara Reyna) I have Asperger's syndrome, which basically means I'm good at school and bad at people, although I think I'm doing pretty well here. I've never finished a book, but I have a lot going. The furthest I've ever gotten is Chapter Six. Personality wise, I am very weird, I love to read, write, and draw, and play with dolls(you can never be too old for dolls)

    Yeah. That's all I can think of to say. (I'm really bad at ending paragraphs, books, and essays for school(that drops my grade a bit))

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    I guess since I made this I should participate

    I was always that weird kid who was in love with their ELA class. I still am. Writing has been one of my favorite things for as long as I can remember, and it's helped me tremendously with my anxiety to put things into words that aren't easily said in person. My name is Michaela, but everyone calls me K-la. I'm thinking that's what I'll use as my "pen name" because it's unique and I'm attached to it already. I'm currently working on a story with the working title "Summer Nights." You guys have helped so so so so much with choosing names. I love reading your ideas for stories and I try to help as much as I can. So far I haven't published anything, but I'm still a young teen and am not too worried about that currently.

    All in all, I love being on Nameberry and if you ever need help with a story or character names, hit me up because I'd love to help!
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    I am Elif Su, I prefer Su more, I can't say I am a regular but I do post when I have ideas or search names myself. I am currently working on two fanfics. One of them is about HP - Cursed Child era. I have different characters like Severus Arcturus, Orion Percival James, Arthur Rubeus Wolf, Lily Josephine and Lily Josephine. I am currently stuck on Athena's brother's name. I also work on a fem!Zuko fanfic. It is a new project and I still search for some characters. I would love to help as much as I can, you can also PM me, I will be really happy if you have questions.
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