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    Mar 2015
    My kiddos
    Natalie Ruth, Emily Rose, Brandon Poole, Jensen Andrew
    Current Favorites
    Matilda Annabelle, Thaddeus Poe, Calliope Justine, Simon James, Violet Meg, Gregory Justin

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    Beatrice and Cameron
    Neve and Eve
    Love and Leila
    Rose and Alivia
    Harriet and Grey

    Mark and Lexie
    David and Henry
    Quinton and Quincy
    Perry and Mia
    Braden and Justin

    i'm not sure if i did this completely right, mark made me think of lexie from grey's anatomy, since they were a couple, and perry made me think of my friend because her name is mia perri
    Meagan Elizabeth 💮 Teenberry

    Adelaide Hannah l Amelia Wren l Calliope May l Eliza Violet l
    Elodie Blaire l Freya Jacqueline l Juliette Kathleen

    Alistair Rhys l Ellis James l Henry Ellis Sawyer l Jackson Sawyer l
    Oliver Jude l Owen Hunter

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    East Coast, USA

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