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    I think Benji is so cute as a girl's name, but it's definitely not classic like Clara and Jane! However, Benjamin in the bible was the son of Rachel, which is fairly classic.

    With a twist on Benjamina, as someone mentioned, is Mina. There's Benette, Benita, and Benna and Benne (beh-nay).

    Any other honors are just a little too far removed from Benjamin for me, so perhaps you could find another way to honor him--like his middle name, birth stone, flower, month, etc.
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    Benjamine or Benjamene,,,,,,,,,,,,, Benjamina,,,,,,,,,,, Benjami(ben-ja-me),,,,,,,,,,Benai or Benae(ben-nay),,,,,,,,,Benonie(ben-no-nee)

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    How about Beatrice in the middle?

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    Former Beatle Paul McCartney has a niece named Benna. I think that is simply lovely!
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    I really like the suggestions of Jemima and Mina. What about Jamie, Jasmine or Jessamine, taken from the "jamin" part of the name?
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