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    Full names for Bridie? 🐥🐥🐥

    I love Birdie as a nn but would feel like she would need a longer, more 'serious' name for adulthood.
    Any suggestions? Looking for as many as possible!
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    Adore Birdie. Birdie was what my dad called my mom. She passed 2 years ago this month. My Isabel Margaret Birdie would go by Isabel and Birdie. So my thought is that you could use Birdie as a middle name.

    For first names, my first thought was either Beatrice or Beatrix "Birdie". I suppose any name that begins with B, better yet BI, and has an R or D sound in it. ~ shoulder shrug ~
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    I think the traditional long name is Elizabeth... I guess Betty to Birdie.

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    Bird names:


    Names that could be shortened to Birdie:


    I'd also like to second the suggestions of Beatrix or Beatrice
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    I love Birdie too! I think that it works intuitively for many names beginning with B: Bridget, Beatrice, Beatrix, Bertha, Brenda, Brianna, Bryony.

    You might want to consider a nature name and use Birdie as a casual nickname, although it might seem like a stretch. Do you like any bird inspired names, e.g. Wren, Raven, Robin, Dove, Lark?

    Honestly, I don't think Birdie is too outlandish. She's received some recognition from English singer Birdy (who is great, by the way) and would be lovely as a middle, or even as an unrelated nickname used between family.
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