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    Goodness, so many of these stories seem absolutely amazing! I would love to read them, so if anybody has a wattpad/fanfiction/etc. account, let me know!

    I'm currently writing a semi-short story (a novella, I guess??) that I'm simultaneously excited and frustrated about. Writer's block is so much fun. My story takes place in the early 60's and it's a gay coming-of-age story that has a lot of political undertones (is that a word? My brain can't English). All of my characters would have been born in the mid-to-late 40's, so I tried to find names from that time period.

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    In the story I’m currently writing my protagonists are called Katherine (Kathy), Leona and Jack.

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    Book 1:
    Takes place on an alternative earth, will be the first of a series. MC lives in a poor country, uninvolved government. She joins this elite group called the League of Hunters who help defend the country. MC's name is Aixon (Ay-sin), her mother is Seri, and some friends she meets later on are Lilith (g), Emiane (g), Kano (b), and Neran (g).

    Book 2:
    Steampunk / Air pirates / Floating islands type story. Main character is Solstice [Last name unknown], later changes her name to go by Soul. The captain of the pirate ship on which she goes to live is named Lupe [Last name unknown]. A friend Soul meets on board is Parvus Klein. Arrith is another character.

    I have some more ideas floating around, but nothing solid yet.
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