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    My middle grade novel, The Kingsley Twins - MalleyCat and Dalton's Last Stand which I hope to make a series features ten year old Jerrianna Jayne and Jeoffrey Kurtis Kingsley. Mom's name is Kai Cei Jayne and Dad is Kurtis Jay.

    Malley is a fluffy yellow Maine coon whose official name is Snowshoe Mal. Named for her double paws which she uses as mallets when playing air hockey with anyone.

    Other names in the story are Ralph Henry Dalton, bragger and bully, mom Roselle. Derynn Jeanene Kassell - DJ, Deej - substitute teacher for the twins fifth grade class. Was also a rival of Kai Cei's and Roselle's back in high school. The three of them haven't seen each other in years.

    Lyn Marie Driscoll - Lyn Marie The Size of a Pea,
    Micky Cooper

    Just finished a Young Adult novel which I'm still trying to title - probably going to be either Dear Self, or Devynn's Dilemma. Devynn's family is breaking up; she's "in love" with an older boy, Rodney Jacques who her mom doesn't approve of. Mom's name is X'Laena Irvette Tedmond Scoville. Aunt is X'Lohna Ieleen Tedmond Dzurilla. Gramma Tedmond (Phaedra Brenwen) gave her girls and her son Xavion, the first names of the characters in her fantasy novel series. You would pronounce the girls' names Zlayna and Zlonna . . . inspiration came from B'Elanna Torres, Star Trek Voyager and Xena Warrior Princess. On my part, that is, not Phaedra's . . .

    Devynn's siblings - Gifford, Taggart, Wylles, Brady, John Jerard, and Xephani.

    Romance novels - under a pen name - All for the Love of Thomi and The Resurrection of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann:

    Thom's story
    Thomasyna Anetra Lynelle Tollefson - Thomi, Syna, Thomas
    Rikkayla Anetra Lynnorre Tollefson - Rikki, Kayla, Ricardo
    Haraldayna Anetra Lynnette Tollefson - Haleigh, Dayna
    They Do Not want to be known as Tom, Dick and Harry! Their mom is Anetra Joelene Ellice Royce-Wyndham Tollefson. Aka - Netra, Neenith, Neets.

    Dad is Nicholas Napashni Bjornolf Tollifson. His middle name is a Sioux name. Nick, Nickey.

    Geoffrey Takoda Royce-Wyndham Tollefson. Geoff. Isn't happy when his sisters call him by his entire name.
    Nicholas Quenton Bjornolf Tollefson; Nicky
    Twins Tristen Waine and Adrien Ohanzee Tollefson; Trust, Trista, Trissy; Adg
    Lyndsay Joelene Ellice Tollefson; Lyn, Lynds
    Brett-Nathanael Tollefson
    Timothy Jon Austin Tollefson
    Jacqlynne Jeanne-Marie Tollefson
    Daine-Anthony Ahkecheta Tollefson
    Stacia-Lynn Winona Tollefson

    Joleigh's story:
    Joleigh-Anna Jordynn Kelmann; Joleigh, Jo,
    Jace-Anthony Kelmann; Jace
    Jarrett-Andrew Kelmann, Jarrett
    Mom - JuliAnna
    Dad - Jorden
    Joleigh's fiance, Dr. Irvyn Aaron Woodworth; Irvy

    Tons of other names in all of them. I named my sons from Thomi's story, but had no girls. Tristen, Brett-Nathanael, and Quenton.

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    The Black Hole Known As University
    My new work in progress revolves about a town named Melville and the POV switches from town person to town person but it mostly focuses on the Browne Family

    Edmund "Ed" Browne-police officer, father, married to Alex.
    Dr. Alexandra "Alex" Simmons-Browne-child psychologist
    Edythe and Eric Watson-Edmund's ex-wife and her husband a Senator of their country
    Gilbert "Gil" Browne,- Edmund and Edythe's eldest
    Matilda "Mattie" and Humility" Hattie"-Edmund and Edythe's 13-year-old twins
    Penelope "Nell" -Edmund and Edythe's youngest
    Nathaniel "Nate"-Edmund and Alex's child together

    Other individuals in the town:
    The Grimes Family- Demetria + her kids Annabeth, and Joshua
    The Novak Family-Claudius + his kids Aurelia, Lucretia, Lavinia, Julia + Aurelia's husband Owen James
    The Evergreen Family-Michael, Stella, and their child Grace/Phoenix
    The Lovelace Family-Victoria and her son Brennan
    The Jones Family- Felix Jones and his wife Alice Bianchi and their daughter Luciana
    The Rasul Family-Tavi, his daughter Alara, and Alara's fiance David Cohen
    The Williams Family-Gideon and his kids Gregory, and Cecily
    The Harrington Famiy-Mavis, George, their daughter Tabitha, Tabitha's wife Cassanda "Cass, and their foster daughters Ellington Goth and Violet Zhang
    The Rivera-Delgado family- Eduardo Rivera-Ramirez, his girlfriend Josefina Delgado, their daughter Nina Rivera Delgado, and Josefina's sister Coletta

    Other individuals
    Percy Worthington-Ellington's boyfriend
    Michael and Chandler Darrington-Father and son who own a candle-making business
    Elizabeth Leclerc, Christopher Talbot, Lorelai Cramner- news reporters
    Xanthe and Calliope "Callie" Knight-pop singers in a dou sister-sister band
    Christian and Madisin Harvey-The police chief and his daughter.
    Richard and Harrison Sanders- The mayor and his college-age son
    Roald D.M Punt and Carolyn N. I. Thill-The president of the country and his defeated opponent
    Arsinoë, 20
    Matilda Artemis Fawn & Gilbert Apollo Demetri
    Ellington Aurelia Sophie & Edmund Nathaniel Scipio
    Annabeth Humility Urtė & Perseus Antonio Blaize
    Serafina Violet Belle & Nico Arthur Alois
    Runa Charlotte Blythe & Ciel Joshua Timothy
    Bree Elizabeth Pepper & Alfred Christopher Seth
    Cecily Madeleine Reed & Prosper Alaric Jackson
    Cleo Erzsébet Bronwyn & Alec Horatio Foster
    Zadie Athena Hyacinth & Misha Adrian Chandler
    Xanthe Aurora Piper & Elizabeta Persephone Clove

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    My main character's name is Eden Summerton.

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    My MC is named Anita Castelo. In this story a lot of people use aliases and I think Anita Castelo will be an alias instead of her real name - I'm thinking Ana SecondName and surnames. Castelo is her maternal grandmother's surname.
    John Hercules + Johnny ✦ Ada Bellatrix
    Bellamy Pedro Galahad ✦ Nico Artemísia + Nikki
    Edmund Tulip ✦ Isabeau Gaia + Iggy

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    Ismay Thomasina Chaplain and Nerida in one story (Nerida's a mermaid, therefore that's all the name she has).
    Nicholas Ethan Levington "Nick" is the main character in my other story, and the other two main characters are Katelyn Marina Griffin "Kate" and Oliver Max Denham.
    just doing favorites this time around...

    Devon Marcella Isolde "Marley - Freya Juno Sequoia "June" - Freya Clarke Magnolia "Maggie" - Ismay Thomasina "Izzy" - Caia Marigold - Cerelia June "June" - Ciara Jade - Ellis Rose - Marigold Elspeth "Maggie" - Pallas Aurelia Liv "Ollie"

    Schuyler Caspian Lars "Star" - Weston Elias "West" - Cobalt Wilder Bridges "Calder" - Lachlan Azrael Archer "Kallan" - Celyn Wilder Pascoe - Archer Pax Everest "Ever" - Callum Adrian Luca "Luke"

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