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    My main characters are Lady Sidony Tallis and Avis Bennett, a vampire couple living in Victorian London. Other important characters are Caroline, a teenage girl who has recently been turned into a vampire, and Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Edward, their eldest son. Also Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

    My main villain is named Fabian, and his "sidekick" is Ismay.

    Phoebe Sofia Indigo
    Calliope Ceri
    Delphine Alice Luna
    Evander Magnus
    Aurora Mair
    Apolline Rae

    Aria Ingrid ~Rosalie Fleur~ Emmeline Marlowe ~Esme Summer ~Indigo Penelope ~Piper Willow ~Isla Genevieve ~Calista Isabelle

    Finley Wyatt ~Caspian Timothy ~Lucas James

    Auden ~Micah ~Orion ~Edwin ~Kenzo ~Bennett ~Alec ~Lysander ~Beckett

    Adelaide ~Lucille ~Adeline ~Addison ~Angelique ~Annabelle ~Leah ~Juliette ~Hermione ~Romilly ~Cecily ~Jem/Jemima ~Kit/Kitty/Katherine

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    LA ♡ KC ♡ NY
    I’ve added a new story to my ever-growing list haha. This one features a side character from another work whose backstory I became very interested in.

    Petra Keller
    Zaccai Rademaker “Zac
    Ksenia Medvedeva
    Emre Otto
    Raoul and Zoé (married couple)

    Various side characters:
    Abby | 20 | Psychology Student | Writer

    Recent sibset crush
    Ari, Indie, & Evy

    Ari Leonor, Indie Ramona, & Evy Madeleine
    Arya Violet, India Sage, & Evra Xanthe
    Marina Brynn, Cinder Olivia, & Evrose Piper
    Arizona Grace, Indiana Claire, & Nevada Jane
    Ariana Sarai, Lindsey Beatrix, & Everly Willow
    Ariadne Maeve, Indira Rosemary, & Geneva Sophie
    Artemis Lily, Mirinda Faye, & Evony Cosima


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    Ludovic (Vic)
    Lucas (Luke)
    Lucina (Lucy)
    Marcello (Marco)
    Bri'ah (Rhea)
    Ottomar (Tom)
    Evangelica (Evie, Angie, Geli)
    Dante (Dan, Dan-Dan)

    One female character is yet to be named...
    Hufflepuff. PhD Student. Cat Lover.
    Alice Marigold *Liora* | Lucas Avery *Ya'ir* | Eliza Beatrice *Yehudit* | Isaac Sebastian *Lavan*

    Dearest, Darling
    Eira Solstice * Annabeth Willow * Ivy Claire * Cynthia Mairead *
    Cleo Adelaide * Freya Naomi * Mira Frances * Rhea Juliet *

    Sweet, My Love
    * Simon Alexander * Oscar William * Everett Morgan * Spencer Milo
    * Benedict Lewis * Rory James * George Russell * Hugo Timothy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wandarine View Post
    I'm technically done but if you count editing as writing I'm currently writing about:

    Alice, Peter, Emily and Claire (siblings)
    Asriel (Emily's LI)
    Tamsin (Alice' LI)
    Casper (Claire's best friend and possible "chosen one")
    Oh my gosh! I'm using the name Claire for a protagonist in my story too! I love the name Claire because it has such a lovely meaning.
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    Original Characters Names':

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    Alexandrie Alicia Camilla Lamberti, nicknamed "Alice". I originally had her brother as a second protagonist, Luis Roberto Alessio Lamberti. I'm changing how the story works so now the second protagonist's name is Lennox Evander Durante, but it's subject to change!
    I also had a character named "Eris" (no last names or middle names in her society) with her love interest/sidekick's name being Leo.
    Octavia Haven is from a story I'm writing for fun, and her love interest's name is Miles Edgeworth (from a videogame).
    Soren Alester is probably one of my favorite character names, but he is from a story that I wrote last school year haha.
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    I'm a nerdy student, aspiring author/lawyer, and an absolute namenerd

    Girls: Alice, Amadea, Astra, Athena, Octavia, Victoria, Venezia, Wren
    Boys: Amadeus, Adrien, Damien, Elliott, Erik, Ezio, Leonardo, Leopold, Lincoln, Octavian, Soren, Theodore

    Favorite character names (fn/mn/ln): Leopold Amadeus Endrizzi, Alexandrie Alicia Camilla Lamberti "Alice", Astra Renee Haven

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    Patrick Ahrens (main character)
    Alden Atwell (Patrick's boyfriend)
    Joe Ahrens (Patrick's older brother)
    Mara Morse (Patrick's best friend)
    Javier Galindez (Patrick's best friend)
    Sam Finch (Patrick's best friend)
    Mort Ahrens (Patrick's father)
    Ruth Ahrens (Patrick's mother)
    Courtney Ahrens (Patrick's sister in law)
    Evelyn Ahrens (Patrick's niece)
    Delilah Ahrens (Patrick's niece)
    Lindsey | 23 | Rescue Cat Momma to MJ and Bob

    Eliza Ruth | Naomi Wren | Lila Eleanor | Vera Alexandra
    Abigail Juno | Sonia Guinevere | Vivien Odette | Freya Jillian
    Scarlett Aurora | Margot Hadley | Isla Juliet | Ruth Ophelia

    Jack Theodore | Henry Wilder | Patrick Grey | Adam Hudson
    Benjamin Peter | Evan Joseph | Jacob Oliver | Shepherd Thomas
    Owen George | Lachlan Riley | Noah Everett | Leo Truman

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    Eastern United States
    [SUP]this past semester I wrote a short story with a main character named Lumina. She went by Lumi.

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    My protagonist is Amalia Ruth Johannsen

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    In one is Alfie and Dana, no surnames have been mentioned and in my newer one there is Willow Persephone Eleanor and Eden Arabella Florence Aldridge, and the main guy is Henry Peplinksi.
    Arthur Axel George, Theodore Alec Wilder

    Olive Liesel Sage, Wren _____ Clementine

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    New England (USA)
    Screenplay: "Connie" Cornelius, this is his surname and his first name is a total mystery to even his closest friends. He's a neurotic 20-something prone to existential crises.

    Comic series: Exodus Outlaw, Arijit Mars, and Cat Passero -- all are strange mutant animals living in different places but connected through a telepathic bond. Yeah. (Exodus = coyote, Arijit = slug, Cat = turtle. No she is not a cat.)

    Story/possible novel: Sad Sally and Happy Hy (short for Hydrangea), a pair of lesbian clowns (Sally is on a journey to find her biological father, named Elvis). Again... yeah.
    Raph, 24, male

    Aisling Echo Endellion - Lorna Vesper Chamomile
    Marigold Agnes Laudine - Oksana Honey Maude
    Twila Journey Moselle - Sybil Nevada Foster

    Atlas Berenger Comet - Rufus Hervé Dandelion
    Moses Archibald Graeme - Jude Perrin Heathcliff
    Ira Somerled Eustace - Linus Bellamy North

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