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    What are your main characters called, in any novel or other story you are writing?

    My protagonist is called Lucy Ryman.

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    Calliope and Julien (still working on a last name), a married couple whose relationship becomes strained due to mental illness, but neither of them want to admit anything is wrong or seek help.

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    The story situated in the US:
    Lindsay, Jenna and Mikhail "Mike". It's a trashy high school story where Lindsay develops telepaphy, but the only thing that really changes is that it ruins all her relationships.

    The one situated in Germany:
    Johann-Adam (Johann to everyone but his grandparents), Sunmi (f, name stolen from Cloud Atlas), Elisabeth and Kim (f). Takes place ca 2066, kind of dystopian.
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    A science-fiction survival epic that takes place four hundred years in the future after several asteroids have destroyed the planet: Echo, Aurelia, and Selene Roma (sisters); Eris (no last name); Artemus Perrineau (m) and his grandfather Reynard; and Caradoc Abraham.
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    My protagonist is Ingrid Irving.

    Teenager who loves eating noodles, learning languages, drawing, and Hamilton the Musical.

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    I'm not writing anything at the moment, but in the shortfilm I'm currently working on my main characters are Blake (f) and Amelia ''Mia'' Griffins.
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    Ludovic Milo, Mallory Jade, Sanna Mae and Floren (no middle)
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    I'm in a writing for film class right now, and my characters for the main project are:

    Can you tell it takes place in Quebec?
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    I am writing a book about the zodiacs, the protagonists are
    Capricorn: Zya
    Aquarius: Antonio
    Pisces: Tanya
    Aries: Dan
    Taurus: Beth
    Gemini: Twins Max and Maddie
    Cancer: Sofia
    Leo: Carlito
    Virgo: Sarah
    Libra: Isabelle
    Scorpio: Emma
    Sagittarius: Avery

    I am also writing a book with my friend about dragon riders, the main characters are Ayalyn(sweet, kind, caring) Reme(bossy, leader, straightforward) and Tarith(pessimistic, distant, dead mother, horrible father, etc)

    In a different book, I have three sisters named Julia(shy, nice, eldest) Kate(Outgoing, teasing, middle child) and Mayrie(friendly, caring, youngest) They are swept through a magical portal into a world full of fairies, wizards, and sorcerers

    I am writing a book about girls who discover they are Greek goddesses, and although I don't know their goddess names, they are Ava, Fantasie, and Cecilia.

    Another book with the dragon friend, we have three best friends. One skipped a grade, her name is Aliya. She is friendly, musical, and based off of me. The next oldest is 9 turning ten, named Sierra, and she is shy, pretty, and also musical. The last friend just turned ten, named Zia, and is bold, outgoing, and you know what? They're all musical!

    I am definitely boring you! Thanks for staying with me, bye!
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    My main book project has Ella Hadley-Gaines and James Whitman. Other characters are Landon Hadley-Gaines, Seraphina "Serana" Gaines, and Maddalena Scott.

    My other (fantasy) project has Sara Lynn, Princess Elaisiandra "Lacy," Princess Clairianna "Rianna," Avalei, Aliannon, and Calleia. The guys are Prince Alistaire, Prince Lairson, Prince Ellard, and Lysander.

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