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    My protagonist for my book is named Lilianne Aylor. She has a mental mother who believes that they’re both too good for the world, so she has confined Lilianne to their house. And the story is about her escape, and her main flaw: pride.

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    Fantasy story about being the 'lost generation' after wars; their parents are the protagonists of the adventure stories, their parents and older siblings are the ones who stood up and fought to fix the world. They're the "next gen" you see in the epilogue of a fantasy adventure story, the ones who try to keep the new world their parents fought for in order.

    RJ Hawthorne II (given name is Richard John after his war hero grandfather, chosen name is Rhydian James)
    Mal Westmont (full name is Mala)
    Phoenix Wilde
    Friedrich of Arcy (d'Arcy) (a veteran whose homeland was destroyed or fractured and assimilated after the war)

    Gabriel & Isolde Layton (married, not siblings)
    Hamish Layton (G&I's younger son; his older sister is dead)

    Tristram Everett & Lucas Crisostomo (Nix's adoptive parents; Tris is a policeman and Lucas is a chemist and pharmacist--Tris's death is the inciting incident)
    Elizabeth Hawthorne (RJ's next older sister and only surviving sibling; he had four)
    Ferenc Westmont (Mal's older brother and a colleague of Tris's; another spelling of his name is Ferencz)
    Malveon (Fritz's familiar)

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    My main characters are Caroline Benn and Judson Cander.

    A teenage name lover & aspiring author, gathering inspiration and dreaming.


    Micah, Gideon, Elliott, Joseph, Joel, Theodore “Theo”, Theodore Aloysius, Micah Theodore.

    Charity, Mercy, Harper, Lydia, Maryellen, Gwendolyn “Gwen”, Alyanna “Allie”, Rosalie “Rose”, Rosamonde “Rose”, Prudence “Prue”, Gwendolyn Hazel, Mercy Annabeth.

    Love, but probably won’t use

    Solomon, Reuel, Malachi “Kai”, Tobias “Toby”.

    Primrose, Damaris, Ardith, Antha, Nala, Magnolia Ruth “Maggie Ruth”.

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    Lina Merida Talivasi - the protagonist of a sci-fi series where there are monsters, but in the end, the real monsters are us. She's a telepath from an alien race who has been convinced by her religion that she's the chosen one who will save their species from the impending apocalypse, but she uncovers the real darkness at play lies in the cult-like relationship between the oppressive government and the leaders of her religion. She's one of ten(!) daughters in her family.

    Side note: I love reading over all of your names and the stories in which your characters exist!
    **Sophie Elizabeth ~ Alexa Dawn ~ Hope Rebecca ~ Alison Sarah ~ Noelle Chelsea ~ Evelyn Charlotte ~ Margot Sylvia ~ Lily Brynn ~ Natalie Alice ~ Lola Emily**

    **Lachlan Gabriel ~ Jasper Elliott ~ Declan Matthew ~ David Michael ~ Nolan Xavier ~ Trevor Isaac ~ Seth Zachary ~ Colin William ~ Logan Thomas ~ Nicholas Julian **

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    Evening Ramona Exton
    Echo Willabelle Exton
    Elan Vivian Exton

    I also have in another book:
    Avalyn Mandred
    Evander Fortiss
    Peregrine Falcon
    Quintessa Essence
    Linden Arbor
    Gray Silver.....
    Autumn Reverie_Misty Cadence Oceana_Quintessa Marie_ Avalon Callista_Xyla Elle_Emmeline Echo_Evan-Joy Gracelyn_Zelie Erelyn_Ebony Adelaide_Willa Erelyn

    Corbin Peregrine_Conrad Wilbur_Nat Tobin_Percival Auburn_Zedekiah Emil_Clifford Adrian_Evander Emmett_Conrad Elmer_Kittrick Caspian_Benedict Zyler _Kay Benevolent_Ambrose Calyx_William Neville

    Quadruplets: Caledon Blue_Callahan Sable_Calliope Onyx_Callista Ebony

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    Ooh I've been looking for this thread, now you shall drown in my posts as I conceive endless story ideas that never see the light of day

    For my main story (a fantasy) I have Faye Analora, Jasper (no middle), Charlotte "Charlie", Teagan Amare, Ellis (no middle), Liam "Lee" Griffith, and Theodore "Theo"

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    My protagonist is Soraya. The main supporting cast are her adoptive parents called Michael and Jenny, her adoptive sister Peyton, her best friend Brandon and her girlfriend Damaris.

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