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    A middle school story about twins who are twelve. Briella Erinelle, sometimes "Brie", and William, ALWAYS "Liam" Josiah. Older brother is Carter James. Briella's best friend is Alissia Pearl, and Liam's is Logan Hayes. Other names are: Lida, Lacey Joy, Braylee Essebelle & Dominik Jonathan.

    Asaiah *Asa* Jude ~ Augustus *Gus* Roan ~ Abner *Abe* True ~ Nathaniel *Nat* Beck

    Magnolia Belle *Nola Belle* ~ Penelope *Nellie* Lark ~ Savannah Rose *Savvy Ro* ~ Celyndia Rain *Indie Rain* ~ Genevieve *Vivi* Sage ~ Reverie *Evvie* Song ~ Georgia *Gia* Cove ~ Cassiopeia Rune *Cassie Rue* ~ Ivelle *Ivy* Wren

    Hymn (g mn)
    Calico (g)
    Prairie (g)
    Sutton (b)

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    I keep coming back to this thread for more names, so I'll keep contributing!

    Names I've added since I've last posted here:
    Odessa "Dax" - completely against social/gender norms and really, really into weaponry
    Everett Ikaika - At this point, probably dead (his might correspond with the MC's mother's), but he is the brother of Noelle and a sort of "taboo" now
    Ezra ???? - no last name as of yet, kind of a medic-ish person
    Rhys ???? - no last name yet, the socially awkward strong guy of the bunch

    Different sci-fi story (no last names - it's sci-fi!):

    Different story:
    Kelsey - super, super smart kid, gets roped into some mission involving her (missing) father
    Rayne - Kelsey's BFF
    Phoebe - lead scientist working on the mission, only one "nice" to the girls
    Raymond - somber, factual, and quiet scientist working with Phoebe

    Yet another short story:
    MC's family moves in with doctor's family because of her mother's bad back - problems ensue
    Eliza - twin of Eloise - stubborn, loud, VERY jealous of her twin but has a soft spot for music/her (missing) father
    Eloise - twin of Eliza - better than Eliza at literally everything except for music
    Stevie - Nemesis of Eliza, the middle son of doctor's family - grows to like her
    Adam - youngest of Eliza's family

    Okay, I'll stop boring you all now!
    teenberry ~ lover of reading, writing, and all things literature

    Favourite Characters:
    Callista ~ Gabriel ~ Rosalind ~ Kyler ~ Phoebe ~ Raymond
    Galen ~ Rayne ~ Kendrick ~ Fable ~ Kian ~ Mona ~ Rhys ~ Evie

    Current faves:
    Raelyn, Asher, Kenna, Elliot, Emalyn, Corin

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    In one of my stories, I have a lot of nicknames. It is a contemporary story in high school. Characters are named Westley, Balthazar (goes by his last name Diggory), Nina (is called Ginger), Anastacia (Annie), Mikey, Burgundy (called Red), Sky, Atticus, Magnus and others.
    Current Faves

    Little Lads:
    Declan Remington, Hemingway Lucifer, Emerson Joseph, Lachlann Elliot (Lock), Shawn Gabriel, Matteo William, Ellington James, Griffin Patrick (Finn), Phoenix Royal, Romeo Marcus, Killian Liam

    Little Lasses:
    Poppy Jane, Nialla Lauren, Luna Elizabeth, Storm Francesca, Gwendolyn Julia (Gwen), River Anastazie, Josephine Odette (Josie), Juliette Ivory, Aurora Rose (Rory), Scarlett Lucia (Scout), Tabitha Jane (Tammy), Maison Delilah (Maisie)

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    First Story:
    Geneva Rose - Protagonist has two kids named Moriah Rose and Ashton Daniel
    Chanelle Ivanna - Geneva's best friend who has three daughters: Emily, Melissa, and Amelia
    Krystal Ellis - Antagonist with a son named Shawn Fletcher

    Second Story:
    Juleah Violet - Protagonist
    Ezra Damian - Juleah's legal guardian
    Marisol Luciana - Ezra's wife
    Karmin Luciana - Juleha's best friend
    Raquel Luciana - Karmin's daughter
    Santos - Raquel's father and Karmin's ex-husband

    Third Story:
    Juliet Eve - Protagonist has twins named Aislinn Rae and Landon Corey
    Arya Grace - Juliet's best friend with a son named Thomas David
    Anya Elaine - Arya's sister with three kids named Alyssa Elaine, Cora Elizabeth, and Gavin Jacob

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    Fantasy Story:
    Yvette - Protag
    Tristan - Protags cousin and close friend
    Mara - Stranger from another land that meets Yvette along the way

    Edwardian era story:
    Lucinda "Lucy" Marie Atwood - Protag
    Simon Matthew & James Albert - Protags older and younger brother
    Lois Martin & Marjorie Atwood - Protags twin great aunts
    Delia Ruth Bartlett - Protags young cousin
    Francine Jane Morrison - Protags best friend
    Jacob Charles Barlow - Protag love interest
    Genevieve Louisa Lindsey - Friend of Jacob's, socialite
    Bridget Maisie, Felicity, Quinn, Lydia Joy, Eloise Ivy, Leona Rochelle, Hazel Eve, Juniper Bay, Sybil Rose, Dottie Lynn,

    Houston Arthur, Gideon Lee, Otto Alexander, Donovan Olso, Patrick Scott, Levi Roderick

    Isobel, Georgiana, Josephine, Gwendolyn, Rosalie, Jocelyn, Catherine, Roxanne, Louise, Adelaide, Faye, Linnea, Harmony, Margaret, Francine, and Helena.

    Colin, Joel, Caleb, Theodore, Royce, Steven, Walter "Walt", Gordon, Phillip, William, Rodney, Peter, and Warner.

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    I'm currently thinking about a fantasy bit that revolves around a magical war (regarding magical heritage and all that jazz). My protagonist is a girl who fights until she's finally murdered at 19, though the war will continue for another twenty years (from the p.o.v. of her love interest, until he's killed in his 30s by his brother).

    - Esther Juliet Marlowe "Mars" (female protagonist)
    - Herbert Lysander Marlowe (f.protag's older brother)
    - Walter William Marlowe (f.protag's older brother)
    - Oscar Cornelius Marlowe (f.protag's older brother)
    - Turais Orion Dearborn (male protagonist; love interest)
    - Rigel Abraxas Dearborn (m.protag.'s younger brother)
    - Kit Perseus Porter (m.protag's best friend)
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    ada ~ andromeda ~ beatrix ~ cecelia ~ daphne
    dorothy ~ elspeth ~ evelyn ~ flora ~ florence
    genevieve ~ helena ~ iris ~ josephine ~ luna
    lyra ~ marigold ~ morgana ~ nina ~ odette
    ophelia ~ pearl ~ seraphina ~ violet ~ winifred


    ambrose ~ asa ~ barnaby ~ caspian ~ charles
    edmund ~ edward ~ fabian ~ grey ~ harper
    hugo ~ indio ~ jasper ~ kit ~ lorcan ~ lysander
    percival ~ peregrine ~ peter ~ remy ~ rue

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    A kind of coming out/of age story set at a boarding school:
    Atticus Kingston (protagonist)
    Clementine White (older sister)
    Cordelia & Augustus Kingston (younger twin siblings)
    Albain Christopherson (best friend)
    Cassian Bristol (love interest)
    Rowena Bristol (Cassian's twin sister)
    Phoenix Summers & Vincent Quincey, nn. Quinn (friends)
    Willa Royston & Olive Queen (best friends)

    A mess I'm still figuring out how to process and write. Worldbuilding is hard:
    Valentin Lévesque (protagonist)
    Justin Binett (best friend, possible the storyteller)
    Anja Johansson (love interest #1)
    Jenna Darby, Mark Tanzer (newer friends)
    Lyra Lapointe (non-binary childhood friend)
    Noella Sauveterre (other best friend)
    Laurette, Alexandra, Théodore, Isabelle & Benjamin (siblings of protag.)
    Frey|19yo from Denmark|Queer
    I just really love names

    Tess ~ Liv ~ Magnolia ~ Hannah ~ Theda
    Kristopher ~ Roan ~ James ~ Gemini ~ Ewan

    ¤ Valencia Story ¤ Theia Wildrose ¤ Rosalind Adair ¤
    ¤ Emerson Foxglove ¤ August Santiago ¤ Onur Bellamy ¤

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    Protagonists (they don't have last names; this is medieval):
    Princess Faye
    Prince Atlas
    King Everard
    Lieutenant River
    King Ky

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    I love this thread!

    Right now I'm writing about two girls called Alix and Dru. It's a mix between urban and high fantasy (in both our world and another) so I'm having a blast naming my characters!
    Other notable characters are: Ariel (boy) nn Saint, Angelus, Valor, Lucifer nn Luci, Quell (girl ; pr. kell), Kir, Axelia, Demetria nn Metzi and a lot more!
    léa|21 yo
    reader who loves to write & name lover

    thinking about word names
    early · sailor · patience · blue · merit · america · gypsy
    breaker · valor · destiny · ranger · dancer · army · wilder

    octavia bryce · beckett aeron · manon ariadna · posey allura
    sacha ludivine · dylan shiloh · leta loxley

    dorian caldwell · ariel zakkai · elliott tannerian · kieran ruari
    bellamy lorcan · atticus theron · tiberius wylie

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