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    paulapuddephatt Guest

    What are your main characters called, in any novel or other story you are writing?

    My protagonist is called Lucy Ryman.

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    Calliope and Julien (still working on a last name), a married couple whose relationship becomes strained due to mental illness, but neither of them want to admit anything is wrong or seek help.

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    The story situated in the US:
    Lindsay, Jenna and Mikhail "Mike". It's a trashy high school story where Lindsay develops telepaphy, but the only thing that really changes is that it ruins all her relationships.

    The one situated in Germany:
    Johann-Adam (Johann to everyone but his grandparents), Sunmi (f, name stolen from Cloud Atlas), Elisabeth and Kim (f). Takes place ca 2066, kind of dystopian.
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    A science-fiction survival epic that takes place four hundred years in the future after several asteroids have destroyed the planet: Echo, Aurelia, and Selene Roma (sisters); Eris (no last name); Artemus Perrineau (m) and his grandfather Reynard; and Caradoc Abraham.
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    My protagonist is Ingrid Irving.

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