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    DGF (deceased): Theodore Sidney Wates
    DGM (deceased): Louise Elizabeth [Kavanagh] Wates

    DS1 (77): Theodore Sidney “Ted” Wates, Jr.
    DD1 (75): Elizabeth JoanBeth” Wates
    DD2 (73): Mary Anne Wates
    Theodore, Louise, Ted, Beth, and Mary Anne Wates

    DS1 (77): Theodore Sidney “Ted” Wates, Jr.
    DW (73): Joyce Ann [Faraday] Wates

    DS (52): Michael TheodoreMike” Wates
    — DW (50): Denise Marie [Turner] Wates
    — DS (24): Zachary MichaelZach” Wates
    — DS (22): Adam Paul Wates

    DD (49): Sara Elaine [Wates] Stone
    — DH (47): Darren Michael Stone
    — DD (23): Joy Emily Stone
    — DD (21): Daria Lucy Stone
    Ted, Joyce, Mike, and Sara Wates
    Mike, Denise, Zach, and Adam Wates
    Darren, Sara, Joy, and Daria Stone


    DD1 (75): Elizabeth JoanBeth” [Wates] English
    DH (75): George Ronald English

    DD (55): Carolyn JaniceCarrie” English
    — exDH (53): Russell ChristopherRuss” Yates
    — DS (21): Christopher ColbyKit” Yates
    — — Dgf (23): Hayley Kirsten Bowie
    — — DD (1): Kinsley Georgia Yates
    — DD (18): Emma Paige Yates

    DD (53): Suzanne MarieSuzy” [English] Baker
    — DH (53): Glenn Anthony Baker
    — DD (20): Adriana Elizabeth Rose Baker
    — DD (18): Lacey Harriet Danielle Baker

    DD (45): Jodi Rachel English
    — DW (43): Melanie Renee Storm
    — DS (19): Lawson James English
    — DD (16): Shelby Faith English
    George, Beth, Carrie, Suzy, and Jodi English
    Russ, Carrie, Kit, and Emma Yates
    Glenn, Suzy, Adriana, and Lacey Baker
    Jodi, Melanie, Lawson, and Shelby English
    Kit, Hayley, and Kinsley Yates


    DD2 (73): Mary Anne Wates
    exDH (78): Bruce Richard Lakefield
    exDH (74): Keith Charles Price

    (First child with first husband, other four with second husband)

    DS (51): Bruce RichardRicky” Lakefield, Jr.
    — DW (50): Elizabeth RoseLiz” [Lincoln] Lakefield
    — DD (23): Olivia Louise Lakefield
    — DS (19): Lucas Bruce Lakefield
    — DS (17): Liam Theodore Lakefield

    DD (44): Laura Carole Price
    — exDH (45): Nathan DerekNateJohnson
    — DD (15): Norah Grace Johnson

    DD (42): Emily Dawn [Price] Fields
    — DH (45): Eric Bradley Fields
    — DS (19): Elliot Cameron Fields
    — DD (16): Elisabeth Sophia Fields
    — DD (15): Eleanor Savannah Fields

    DD (40): Stacy Claudia [Price] O’Brien
    — DH (34): Thomas DanielTom” O’Brien
    — DS (10): Aidan Thomas O’Brien
    — DS (7): Carter Keith O’Brien

    DD (36): Rebecca Christine Price
    — DH (39): Miguel Castro Fernandez
    — DD (10): Camila Mary Castro-Price
    — DS (8): Daniel MiguelDanny” Castro-Price
    — DD (4): Gabriela ChloeGabby” Castro-Price
    Bruce, Mary Anne, and Ricky Lakefield
    Keith, Mary Anne, Ricky, Laura, Emily, Stacy, and Rebecca Price
    Ricky, Liz, Olivia, Lucas, and Liam Lakefield
    Nate, Laura, and Norah Johnson
    Eric, Emily, Elliot, Elisabeth, and Eleanor Fields
    Tom, Stacy, Aidan, and Carter O’Brien
    Miguel, Rebecca, Camila, Danny, and Gabby Castro-Price
    Julia Catherine

    history + Russian language student, lifelong name nerd, future mother

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Eulalia {Lou/Loula or Leia}|Rose
    Anna, Louise, Aoife, Kira, Charlotte, Caroline, Margaret, Nadia

    Luke|Alexander {Sasha or Sander}| James {Jamie} | Nathan
    Joseph, David, Quentin, August, Ira, Francis, Eliot, Leo, Erik, Truitt

    long | lists

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    DGF (deceased): Theodore Nelson Moreau
    DGM (deceased): Rose Elizabeth Keaton Moreau

    DS1 (77): Theodore Nelson Moreau Jr.
    DD1 (75): Rosalind Margaret Moreau
    DD2 (73): Eleanor Ruth Moreau


    DS1 (77):
    DW (73): Marilyn Ann Holliday Moreau

    DS (52): Andrew Theodore Nelson Moreau "Andy"
    — DW (50): Dawn Marie Stewart Moreau
    — DS (24): Daniel Theodore Nelson Moreau
    — DS (22): Nathan Eugene Moreau

    DD (49): Kristen Elaine Moreau Bean
    — DH (47): Benjamin Joel Bean
    — DD (23): Marianne Kate Bean
    — DD (21): Benita Rachel Bean


    DD1 (75):
    DH (75): Kenneth James French

    DD (55): Carolyn Diana French
    — exDH (53): Bradley Sean Mahoney
    — DS (21): Keaton Parker Mahoney
    — — Dgf (23): Raven Lydia Bowie
    — — DD (1): Gentry Violet Mahoney
    — DD (18): Katelyn Anna Mahoney

    DD (53): Jillian Gail French Baker
    — DH (53): Glen Douglas Baker
    — DD (20): Adriana Rosalind Lily Baker
    — DD (18): Jazmine Lenore Diamond Baker

    DD (45): Monica Colleen French
    — DW (43): Robin Renee Snow French
    — DS (19): Sutton Grant French
    — DD (16): Madison Jade French


    DD2 (73):
    exDH (78): Dennis Norman Lake
    exDH (74): Gregory Charles Colt

    (First child with first husband, other four with second husband)

    DS (51): Dennis Norman Lake Jr.
    — DW (50): Stephanie Faye Madison Lake
    — DD (23): Olivia Rose Lake
    — DS (19): Nathaniel Dennis Lake
    — DS (17): Riley Theodore Lake

    DD (44): Jamie Renee Colt
    — exDH (45): Ryan Derek Coleson
    — DD (15): Ramie Faith Coleson

    DD (42): Lauren Darlene Colt Wilder
    — DH (45): Lyle Thomas Wilder
    — DS (19): Leyton Hunter Wilder
    — DD (16): Laurel Mackenzie Wilder
    — DD (15): Lena Taylor Wilder

    DD (40): Alyson Cassia Colt Fallon
    — DH (34): Jonathan Eric Fallon
    — DS (10): Isaac Jonathan Fallon
    — DS (7): Carter Gregory Fallon

    DD (36): Leah Charlotte Colt
    — DH (39): Andre Garcia Martinez
    — DD (10): Camila Eleanor Garcia Martinez
    — DS (8): Hector Andre Garcia Martinez
    — DD (4): Isabel Elise Garcia-Martinez

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    Austin, Texas
    Chester Nelson Murray and Clara May King-Murray died on the very same day in 2014. They are mourned by three children, Chester Nelson Murray jr., Claire Emma Murray-Irish and Eleanor Helen Rivers-Dean-Murray.
    Chester Nelson Murray, jr. and his wife Marilyn Judith Murray (Halliday) have two children, Michael Heston Murray and Alice Rachel Sprout. Michael is married to the lovely Janet Brenda Watson-Murray and the two have college-aged children Tyler Mason Murray and Brandon William Paul Murray. Alice is married to Benjamin Joel Sprout and the two have college-aged children Ciara Jane “CJ” Sprout and Brenna Lucy Sprout.
    Claire Emma Murray-Irish is married to Wayne Ronald Irish and they have three children: Judy Lynn Murray-Shirley, Jillian Gail Butcher, and Sara Samantha Murray-Cloud. Judy and her ex-husband Russell Jeffrey Shirley have two children – Kane Colby Shirley who is in college and has a daughter named Maura Sienna with his girlfriend Chelsea Kirsten Cooper, and also highschool senior Brooke Kelsey Shirley. Jillian Butcher is married to Nicholas Joseph Butcher and they have two daughters, both models: Adriana Rose-Claire Butcher and Jazmine April Day Butcher. Sara and her wife Veronica ReneeRoniCloud have two teenaged children, Sutton Paul and Madison Jade Murray-Cloud.


    Eleanor Helen has survived her two ex-husbands, Terrence Norman Rivers and Gregory Franklin Dean. With Terrence, she had one son named Terrence Norman jr. and with Greg she had four children: Jamie Paige Dean, Emily Daria Woods, Miranda Mia Colbert, and Leah Charity Garcia-Lorenza. Terrence Norman Rivers, jr. is married to Stephanie Anne Harrison-Rivers and they have three children: post-collegiate Courtney Claire, college freshman Lucas Terrence, and high school junior Liam Nelson Rivers. Jamie Paige Dean has one daughter named Naomi Lake with her ex-husband Nathan Sean Davidson. Emily Daria Woods is married to Easton Thomas Woods and they have three teenaged children named Elan Hunter, Esme Kayla, and Evie Taylor Woods. Miranda Mia Colbert is married to Brian Daniel Colbert and they have two sons named Elijah Brian and Noah Gregory Colbert. Leah Charity Garcia-Lorenza is married to Miguel Garcia-Lorenza and they have three children: Camila Eleanora, Hector Miguel, and Lucia Sadi Garcia-Lorenza.
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    DGF (deceased): Alfred Cecil Bennet
    DGM (deceased): Rose Elizabeth Bennet nee Kent

    DS1 (77): Alfred Cecil Bennet Jr 'Alfie'
    DD1 (75): Rosa Margaret Bennet
    DD2 (73): Eleanor Catherine Bennet


    DS1 (77): Alfred Cecil Bennet Jr 'Alfie'
    DW (73): Nancy Linda Bennet nee Loveday

    DS (52): Edward Alfred Cecil Bennet
    — DW (50): Angela Marie Bennet nee Thompson
    — DS (24): Daniel Edward Alfred Bennet
    — DS (22): William Arthur Bennet 'Liam'

    DD (49): Evelyn Charlotte Clove nee Bennet
    — DH (47): Benjamin Louis Clove 'Jem'
    — DD (23): Agnes Jane Clove
    — DD (21): Benedetta Caroline Clove 'Ned'


    DD1 (75): Rosa Margaret Ireland nee Bennet
    DH (75): David Lawrence Ireland

    DD (55): Carolyn Diana Trelawney nee Ireland 'Caro'
    — exDH (53): John Christopher Trelawney
    — DS (21): Kit Louis Trelawney
    — — Dgf (23): Isabella Lydia Bowie
    — — DD (1): Lucinda Violet Bowie-Trelawney
    — DD (18): Amy Anna Trelawney

    DD (53): Katherine Rose Granger nee Ireland
    — DH (53): Karl Joseph Granger
    — DD (20): Adriana Carolyn Flora Granger
    — DD (18): Mia Harriet Delphine Granger

    DD (45): Rachel Samantha Ireland-Rainier
    — DW (43): Erica Natalie Ireland-Rainier
    — DS (19): Harrison James Ireland-Rainier
    — DD (16): Faith Arianna Ireland-Rainier


    DD2 (73): Eleanor Catherine Carr nee Bennet
    exDH (78): Stephen Richard Seaborn
    exDH (74): Leonard Franklin Carr 'Leo'

    (First child with first husband, other four with second husband)

    DS (51): Stephen Richard Seaborn Jr
    — DW (50): Elizabeth Anne Seaborn-Harding
    — DD (23): Olivia Rose Seaborn-Harding
    — DS (19): Nathaniel Stephen Seaborn-Harding
    — DS (17): Caleb Alfred Seaborn-Harding

    DD (44): Laura Evangeline Carr
    — exDH (45): Edward George Samson
    — DD (15): Loredana Constance Samson-Carr

    DD (42): Emily Demelza Fox nee Carr
    — DH (45): Edmund Thomas Fox
    — DS (19): Emory Evan Fox
    — DD (16): Evelina Grace Fox
    — DD (15): Edith Olivia Fox 'Edie'

    DD (40): Miranda Aurelia Carr
    — DH (34): Thomas Daniel Perkins
    — DS (10): Isaac Thomas Perkins
    — DS (7): Noah Leonard Perkins

    DD (36): Leah Christabel García-Santos nee Carr
    — DH (39): Davide Ricardo García-Santos
    — DD (10): Emilia Eleanor García-Santos
    — DS (8): Hector Davide García-Santos
    — DD (4): Alba Alice García-Santos
    Gwendolen & Arthur & Rosenwyn & Valentine

    Atticus . August . Emery . Evander . Ezra . Fabian . Felix . Jago . Kit . Laszlo . Lucian . Ludovic . Percival . Percy . Raphael . Reuben . Sullivan . Tobias

    Cicely . Cornelia . Demelza . Edith . Elizabeth . Ginevra . Hermione . Lydia . Matilda . Morwenna . Persephone . Petronella . Sybilla . Sylvia . Verity

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    LN: Sartorio
    DGF: Theodore Sidney, Sr.
    DGM: Anna Elizabeth (nee King)
    DS1: Theodore Sidney, Jr.
    DD1: Annabelle Emma
    DD2: Mary Helen
    *Theo & Anna with Ted, Belle & May

    LN: Sartorio
    DS1: Theodore Sidney, Jr.
    DW: Joyce Susan (nee Holliday)
    DS1: Edward Theodore Sidney
    DD1: Evelyn Elaine
    *Ted & Joyce with Eddie & Eva

    LN: Sartorio
    DS1: Edward Theodore Sidney
    DW: Janet Marie (nee Moore)
    DS1: Joseph Edward Theodore
    DS2: William Jack
    *Eddie & Jet with Joe & Billy

    LN: Cheeseman
    DD1: Evelyn Elaine (nee Sartorio)
    DH: Marc Reginald
    DD1: Joy Nina
    DD2: Marcellina Lucy
    *Eva & Marc with Joy & Marcie

    LN: England
    DD1: Annabelle Emma (nee Sartorio)
    DH: George Ronald
    DD1: Annette Diana
    DD2: Suzanne Ellen
    DD3: Monica Colleen
    *Belle & George with Nettie, Susie & Mona

    LN: Gray
    DD1: Annette Diana (nee England)
    exDH: Russell Vincent
    DS1: Kevin Louis
    -DGF: Hayley Lydia Hendrix
    -DD1: Lucinda Violet
    DD1: Amy Anna
    *Nettie & Russ with Vinny & Mimi
    *Vinny & Hayley with Lulu

    LN: Baker
    DD2: Suzanne Ellen (nee England)
    DH: Nicholas Anthony
    DD1: Rachael Annabelle Magnolia
    DD2: Hope Harriet Dahlia
    *Susie & Nick with Ray & Hope

    LN: England-Snow
    DD3: Monica Colleen
    DW: Robin Renee
    DS1: Cole Seth
    DD1: Chloe Arianna
    *Mona & Roe with Cole & Chloe

    LN: West
    DD2: Mary Helen (nee Sartorio)
    exDH: Terrence Walter Lake, Sr.
    DS1: Terrence Walter Lake, Jr.
    exDH: Leonard Franklin
    DD1: Erin Estelle
    DD2: Amber Daisy
    DD3: Miranda Eulalia
    DD4: Danielle Charla
    *May & Lenny with Terry, Erin, Amber, Mira & Elle

    LN: Lake
    DS1: Terrence Walter, Jr.
    DW: Victoria Faye (nee Adams)
    DD1: Jasmine Anna
    DS1: Nathaniel Terrance
    DS2: Caleb Theodore
    *Terry & Via with Minnie, Nate & Cab

    LN: Ferguson
    DD1: Erin Estelle (nee West)
    exDH: Nathan Joel
    DD1: Naterine Mercy
    *Erin & Nathan with Naymer

    LN: Green
    DD2: Amber Daisy (nee West)
    DH: Albert Thomas
    DS1: Angus Jared
    DD1: Adelaide Grace
    DD2: Apolline Savannah
    *Amber & Bert with Gus, Ada & Polly

    LN: Norton
    DD3: Miranda Eulalia (nee West)
    DH: Andrew Eric
    DS1: Isaac Andrew
    DS2: Ethan Leonard
    *Mira & Drew with Ike & Ethan

    LN: Ibanez-Leon
    DD3: Danielle Charla
    DH: Jorge Miguel
    DD1: Gianna Mary
    DS1: Hector Jorge
    DD2: Lucia Elise
    *Elle & Jorge with Gia, Hector & Lucy
    26, ISTJ, Britberry, Cabin Crew
    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Ada Adelaide Annabelle Daphne Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Noelle Ramona Wilhelmina
    Fergus Francis Frederick Magnus Peter Ronan Sidney Solomon Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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