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    Surnames: Samuels
    Your Name: Opal Seraphina
    Your Spouse’s Name: Killian Nicholas
    DD1/DS1 (25): Luella Nicole and James Birch (Lou and Jem)
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): Evangeline Lilac and Edith Magnolia and Elizabeth Delphine (Libby)
    DS2 (22): Phineas Raphael Simon
    DD5/DS3 (21): Phoebe Imogen and Holden Caspian
    DD6 (20): Iris Harlow
    DS4/DS5 (19): Beckett Tiberius and Finnegan Sebastian (Beck)
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): Wren Felicity and Sage Florence and Bellamy Fitzwilliam and Kai Ferdinand and Sidney Ford (Sid)
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): Julius Conrad and Clara Clementine and Rosa Cressida (Rosie)
    DS10 (16): Lachlan Matteo
    DD11/DD12 (15): Juliet Octavia Hermione and Zelda Odessa Josephine (Jett)
    DS11/DS12 (14): Frederick Graham and George Theodore (Fred)
    DS13/DD13 (13): Leander Jasper and Juno Gemma
    DD14 (10) Araminta Freya Jessamine
    DS14/DS15 (7): Rufus Henry and Ronan Otto
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): Esmeralda Matilda and Briar Beatrice and Alice Philippa and Cleo Charlotte (Esme)
    DS16/DS17 (4): Dashiell Montgomery and Gideon Moses (Dash)
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): Adelaide Annabel Maeve and August Asher Zeno and Alaric Arthur Hugo (Lady and Gus)
    DD20/DS20 (nb): Lyra Ophelia and Lachlan Zebedee

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    KC => SC
    DD1/DS1 (25): Elowen Michaela and Archer Laurence
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): Eloise Orchid, Emmeline Lily, and Eliza Lavender
    DS2 (22): Percy Randall Sage
    DD5/DS3 (21): Kemper Adelaide "Kim" and Ronan Oliver "Ron"
    DD6 (20): Iris Adair
    DS4/DS5 (19): Devlin Alastair and Langdon Everett
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): Arliss Vivienne, Skyler Viola, Rory Vincent, Flynn Victor, and Nico Vaughn
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): Alexander Cruz "Andy", Monroe Seraphina, and Ginger Lucille
    DS10 (16): Cassian Giovanni
    DD11/DD12 (15): Araceli Charlotte Sophie and Daphne Louisa Violet
    DS11/DS12 (14): Oliver Christian "Christian" and Jackson Wilder "Wilder"
    DS13/DD13 (13): Magnus Jasper and Hermione Jade
    DD14 (10) Adeline Fleur Juniper
    DS14/DS15 (7): Reeve Bastien and Romeo Conrad
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): Merida Elizabeth, Esmeralda Katherine, Aurora Mary, and Bianca Victoria
    DS16/DS17 (4): August Macsen and Leo Madison
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): Azula Annabel Faye, Atlas Avery Grey, and Asher Abram Jude
    DD20/DS20 (nb): Hylla Whisper and Osiris Birch

    Elowen "Lola", Archer, Eloise "Elsie", Emmeline "Emmy", Eliza, Percy, Kemper "Kim", Ronan "Ron", Iris, Devlin, Langdon, Arliss, Skyler "Skye", Rory, Flynn, Nico, Alexander "Andy", Monroe, Ginger, Cassian "Caz", Araceli "Cece", Daphne, Christian, Wilder, Magnus, Hermione "Hero", Adeline "Nell", Reeve, Romeo, Merida, Esmeralda, Aurora, Bianca "Bia", August, Leo, Azula "Zuzu" Atlas, Asher, Hylla, and Osiris "Ozzie" Stone
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I can’t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    Your Name: Juliette Rose Bragdon "Julie"
    Your Spouse’s Name: Christopher Royce Zanelli "Chris"
    DD1/DS1 (25): Katherine Diane & Jonathan Paul "Kate & Jon"
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): Ella Daisy, Emma Lily, & Erin Magnolia
    DS2 (22): Parker Riley Scott
    DD5/DS3 (21): Elizabeth Schuyler & Alexander Hamilton "Eliza & Alex"
    DD6 (20): Rose Avery
    DS4/DS5 (19): Anderson James & Harrison Joel "Andy & Harris"
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): Morgan Leslie, Ryan Lori, Cameron Lee, Jordan Levi, & Taylor Landon
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): Clinton Hayes, Kennedy Diane, & Madison Noelle "Clint & Madi"
    DS10 (16): Nathaniel Giovanni "Nate"
    DD11/DD12 (15): Anna Belle Leigh & Ava Lily Kate
    DS11/DS12 (14): Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
    DS13/DD13 (13): Alaric Ruby & Celeste Jade
    DD14 (10) Addison Faith Joy "Addi"
    DS14/DS15 (7): Roman Ellias & Rhys Leon
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): Aurora Catherine, Jasmine Diana, Merida Elizabeth, & Tiana Grace
    DS16/DS17 (4): David Michael & Dylan Murphy
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): Ainsley Amelia Kate, Aidan Anthony Joel, & Aaron Atticus Grant
    DD20/DS20 (nb): Bethany Lauren & Jeffrey Kai "Beth & Jeff"

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    LN: Anderson

    DW: Xia Isabelle
    DH: Henry August

    DD1/DS1 [25]: Mackenzie Grace "Kenzie" & Dylan George
    DD2/DD3/DD4 [23]: Emersyn "Ema" Willow, Everleigh Aurora "Ever" & Elijah Rose "Eli"
    DS2 [22]: Parker Rueben Sage
    DD5/DS3 [21]: Octavia Faith "Tavi" & Bellamy James "Bel"
    DD6 [20]: Ivy Taylor
    DS4/ DS5 [19]: Carson Dimitri & Greyson Chase
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 [18]: Arrow Harriet "Ari", Phoenix Hannah "Po", Jameson Hugo "James", Robbie Hudson & Logan Henry
    DS9/DD9/DD10 [17]: Pagan Roy, Zillah Faith & Haidee Mae
    DS10 [16]: Roman Fabbro
    DD11/DD12 [15]: Alice Mabel Paige & Amber Margot Shade
    DS11/DS12 [14]: Johnathon Jet "John" & Christopher Cole "Chris"
    DS13/DD13 [13]: Damien Jasper & Harlow Sapphire
    DD14 [10]: Ayda Francesca Jade
    DS14/DS15 [7]: Ryan Tobias & Regan Kai
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 [5]: Briar Elizabeth, Kiara Alexandra "Kia", Nala Charlotte & Tiana Beatrice "Tia"
    DS16/DS17 [4]: Xavier Mason & Tyler Mitchell
    DD19/DS18/DS19 [3]: Autumn Ava Falon, Archer August Ezra & Asher Abraham Luca
    DD20/DS20 [nb]: Zara Honore & Izaac Jay

    Xia & Henry Anderson:
    Kenzie, Dylan, Ema, Ever, Eli, Parker, Tavi, Bel, Ivy, Carson, Greyson, Ari, Po, James, Robbie, Logan, Pagan, Zillah, Haidee, Roman, Alice, Amber, John, Chris, Damien, Harlow, Ayda, Ryan, Regan, Briar, Kia, Nala, Tia, Xavier, Tyler, Autumn, Archer, Asher, Zara & Izaac

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