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    Full names for nn Billie?

    I love Billie on a girl, but I would like it better as a nickname for something else, so she has options (as Billie can be seen as very manly and nicknamey)

    I've thought of Wilhemina, Willa and Sybil, none of which I really like that much.

    Would Elizabeth work as a full name for Billie? Are there any other names you guys can think of?
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    I personally can't quite fit Billie as a nickname for Elizabeth. Sorry!

    Well the first one I think of is Belinda off Home and Away. How about Willow, Abigail, Beatrix or Belle?
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    Belinda would be the most obvious extension of Billie or Wilhemina I guess.

    Other ideas: Beatrice, Sybil, Abilene, Billina
    Other names that might be a bit odd to change but could work: Willa, Willow
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    My first thought was Elisabeth/Elizabeth (my full name) because as a kid I was [very occasionally] called Billie by my family

    I know a Billie-Tai and she wears it really well, and often goes by just Billie

    Other suggestions:
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    I think Billie could definitely work as a nn for Elizabeth. There's so many different and not always obvious diminutives we already get from it that I don't think Billie would be too much of a stretch.

    What about . . .

    Cybele (though it sounds a lot like Sybil)

    Like the suggestions of Abilene, Mabel, and Abigail.

    You could hyphenate it too, I guess, though that wouldn't strictly be a full name giving you the nickname, or perhaps use Billie Mae or something for the 'formal'/full name and Billie for short.
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