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    Exclamation Need new middle name for Eve

    Edited to add updated list***** (in bold)

    We've narrowed it down to the following from all of your beautiful suggestions! Husband was not loving the super French names that I preferred, so here's what we've got:

    Holly Lorraine & Eve Rosalie
    Holly Lorraine & Eve Sophie (pronounced so-FEE)
    Holly Lorraine & Eve Sophia (we can't tell if maybe the three-syllable works better)
    Holly Lorraine & Eve Isabelle (not loving this, it sounds a bit too much like "Invisible")
    Holly Lorraine & Eve Melina
    Holly Lorraine & Eve Adeline

    Would love all of your help narrowing it down!

    --------------- original post below-------------

    I'm hoping this will be my last post for this pregnancy!!

    The husband and I decided on Eve Eleni with excitement, with Eleni being an honour name. We've now realized, after saying it out loud a number of times, that it actually sounds like "Evil Any" and find ourselves unhappy with the choice.

    We still love Eve, so the hubs told me to "ask my name friends" AKA you lovely berries

    I prefer for the middle to still have meaning/purpose, even though it won't be an honour name. We obviously don't want anything starting with El- . I tend to like classic, feminine names. I also adore the name Jane but it sounds awful paired with Eve.

    Big sister is Holly Lorraine, with Lorraine being a family name, and I thought about continuing the French city idea.. I like the sound of Eve Annecy but think it's too uncommon for us.

    Would appreciate all the suggestions and feedback shared!
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    Love Eve.

    Middle suggestions:
    Helena - Variant of Eleni.
    Rochelle - Continuing the French city idea - from La Rochelle
    Calais - same as above
    Nancy - same again
    Caspian Jude | Tadhg Alexander | Julian Grey | Elliott Roman | Felix Orion
    Oliver Hugo | Jasper Cillian | Luca Emerson | Elijah Finn | James Adair | Alexander Wolf
    Lachlan Reid | Levi Archer | Malachi Fox | Theo Lorcan | Nico Lysander | Maxim Elias
    Thalia Hadley | Thea Bellamy | Eden Sadhbh | Ivy Florence | Riley Luna
    Lily Rhian | Niamh Lorelei | Freya Elise | Eliana Sadie | Macy Olivia

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    Aww, too bad, because Eve and Eleni are both lovely names! But I understand that noone wants their daughter's name to sound like evil!
    My first thought was Eve Amara. No idea why! It is so beautiful, but maybe a bit more random and extravagant for your taste . Second thought, Eve Annora.

    French cities/regions-
    Eve Paris
    Eve Lille
    Eve Normandy
    Eve Corsica

    French names-
    Eve Adele
    Eve Amelie
    Eve Corinne
    Eve Desiree
    Eve Esme
    Eve Jolie
    Eve Madeleine
    Eve Simone

    One cool thing I read on nameberry about the name Lorraine, another name for Joan of Arc was Saint Joan of Lorraine. So I thought Joan would be a cool middle name for you, with a connection to Lorraine! But then I realized it has the same problem as Jane. Eve Joan is very abrupt.

    And just a few names with lovely meanings-
    Eve Cerys- Cerys is Welsh for love
    Eve Melina- love/warmth/grace in Czech
    Eve Letitia- joy/gladness in Latin
    Eve Cosima- order/beauty in Greek
    Eve Indira- Sanskrit for beautiful
    [fanciful]Oberon Gamaliel|Remiel Zephyrin|Castiel Melchior|Vespera Eirian|Emerence Veridian|Lazuli Araluen

    [guilty pleasures]Bravery Otter|Sequoia Courage|Lullaby Golden|Dream Glimmer

    [wishful]Arrow Jade|Sky Willoughby|Forrester North|Star Aurora|Alaska Jade|Emerald Sky

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    other favourites:
    Clementine Sapphira Alice | Liliane Victoria Arwen | Callista Nayeli Jane
    James Luca Auberon | Caspian Atticus Hugo | Casper Matteo Flynn
    Tatiana Amelie Ondine | Annabelle Eowyn Cosette | Thalia Persephone Kate
    Gideon Ezra Jude | Hadrian Thomas Arthur | Cedric Louis Aragorn

    Genevieve Diana Snow

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    no tiny humans, but love names


    Hazel, Ivy, Thea, Felicity, Lorelei, Jade, Mariah, Quinn, Raven, Cassidy

    Dallas, Ramsey, Everett, Felix, Jasper, Miles, Oliver, Lincoln, Toby, Joel, Wesley

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