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    Middle name for Amber !!!

    We are considering Amber for our 2nd daughter. First daughter is Norah Leigh. Our last name is Larsen. Kind of want to stick to the syllable pattern we have with Norah (2-1-2) but it's not super important. Suggestions ?!

    Amber Kate Larsen ?
    Amber Lou Larsen ?
    Amber Mae Larsen ?

    Meh idk! Help!

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    Amber & Norah are so cute together! It's also great because it rolls with almost any middle.. some suggestions:

    Amber Jane
    Amber Lynn
    Amber Belle
    Amber Beth
    Amber Eve
    Amber Paige
    Amber Grace
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    I know an Amber Rose and an Amber Noel! Although there is like a d-list celebrity named Amber Rose so maybe not that one. I love Amber and Norah! So precious.

    My favorite from your list is Amber Kate!
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    Just since posting this earlier tonight, I came up with some more that I might like best...

    Amber Elena/Elaina/Elaine (not sure which I like most)
    Amber Elle

    I found a thread about the name Amber associating it as a trashy 80s name now I am hesitant to use it.

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    I honestly think Amber is a lovely name! It's all glowing and fiery too me. I think of the gemstone and the colour amber, lovely associations! I really like Amber Elaine and Amber Elle. Just a few more suggestions-

    Amber Rain
    Amber Eve
    Amber Rae
    Amber Luna (instead of Lou) or Amber Louella
    Amber Esme
    Amber Lilia or Amber Liliana
    Amber Hope
    Amber Sage
    Amber Tess
    Amber Samara

    I couldn't resist sticking some longer middles in there since you seems open minded . All the best!
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