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    Which is better: Nicholas or Hunter?

    Which name do you like better for a baby boy: Nicholas or Hunter?

    Nicholas is classic, but I wonder if it has enough edge in this day & age when everyone seems to want to give their child a somewhat different/modern name. And I'm not fond of the nickname Nick.

    Hunter is a strong name and would be considered "different" in my immediate circle of family and friends, but my coworker has that name and I don't want people to think I'm naming the baby after him. Also, Nicholas probably matches a bit better with his twin sister, Kristine.


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    I have mixed feelings about Hunter. I love the color, do not care for hunting, so it makes me have a like, dislike to the name Hunter.

    I love Nicholas. I personally wouldn't use a nickname.

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    I feel pretty neutral about Hunter but I love Nicholas. It doesn't need a nickname if you don't want to, or you most likely will find something that will pop out on it's own whether or not it will sound like it has a direct correlation with Nicholas. If you're looking for something recognisable, I really like Nico.
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    I like Nicholas. I despise Hunter.
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    I like Nicholas a lot more than Hunter. The association to hunting really bothers me for some reason.
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