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    1 week tomorrow and need middle for Willow!

    Hello yes me again! I think we're definitely set on Willow but will keep Daisy in case she looks like a Daisy! We just don't have a middle and I'm all about equal love of both names!

    We love something unexpected in the middle and I don't think we have found it yet.

    Our favourites from our list...

    Willow Finn - I know Finn is a traditional boys name but it's been a favourite of mine and I think it goes well with Willow.

    Willow Ocean- The baby will be a Pisces and we just love the ocean! Just need something that beachy but not cliche like 'Summer'.

    Willow Wilde - This doesn't go but if the baby is a boy it will be 'Otis Wilder' and I just love the idea of the name. If only it went with Willow!

    Willow Ace - My partner and I just love this name for a boy. It has a special meaning for us but not sure if it's too much?

    Willow Koa - Koa is the wood that surfboards are made from. It is a traditional boys name in Hawaii. I just love it!

    Willow Fox - My partner really likes this! It's short and spunky. I like the unexpected in the middle.

    Willow Hazel - I'm not sure what it is about Hazel but it's got me!

    As you can see we don't have a style for the middle! We are big travellers and I wish there was a place that would fit in the middle!

    You Berries have been amazing. I'm sorry for another post but I really need your help!
    Boys: Otis Wilder, Leo Wilder, Atlas Finn, Dash Theodore, Arlo River, Kit Wilder & Arrow Grey

    Girls: Willow Grey, Willow Ocean, Bowie Juniper, Luca Valentine, Frankie Wilde & Goldie Marlowe

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    Hi! I think my naming instincts are a little different from yours, since my preference goes straight to the traditionally feminine middle names paired with Willow, so take my feedback with that in mind.

    Out of your list I like Willow Hazel (because it's the most girly, haha), but I'm also a little hesitant with double "word"/"nature" names. I also love the ocean, and I had considered Oceane (Oh-say-ahn) as a middle name for my daughter. I think it's likely to be a pronunciation problem in English (it's a French name), but in the middle spot, that shouldn't matter too much and it makes the name a little less "word"-y and more "name"-y to me. Same thing with the variation Oceana (which could be Oh-shee-ah-nah or Oh-say-ah-nah). But again, this is an idiosyncratic preference. If Willow Ocean is more meaningful to you--and since you clearly like the unisex vibe--I think that could be a really great choice for you.

    Lastly, I seized on the (again, girly!) Valentine in your signature. I think Willow Valentine would be a lovely name, especially if she arrives in February!

    Good luck with the home stretch of your pregnancy. It's clear you've put a lot of thought into naming your daughter, and I'm sure whatever you choose will be the perfect choice :-)

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    Ace, Fox, and Ocean!

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    I really like Willow Juniper. Actually love it! I also agree Willow Valentine is adorable.

    Some place names I think flow well with Willow -

    Willow Anniston
    Willow Eden
    Willow Charlotte
    Willow Adelaide

    As for your list, I like Willow Finn. It's different and spunky. I like that it's more a common choice for a boy than a girl.
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    After looking at your signature I was also jumping in to say I like Willow Valentine very much - and see previous posters think the same way!

    From your list my favourite is Willow Finn - I think this is snappy, interesting and lovely. I think Finn works fine for a girl. I'm not keen on the others with Willow, though sound-wise Willow Hazel works. It's just too much greenery for me having first and middle names both trees.

    other ideas:
    Willow Mara
    Willow Kerenza
    Willow Maisie
    Willow Georgette
    Willow Vivette
    Willow Mignon
    Willow Colette
    Willow Lacey

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