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Thread: Nickname help?

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    Nickname help?

    Not my baby this time, but my brother's. I gave him a list of names I loved to help him with the process and he fell in love with this one, but now I would love to give him some nicknames options as well. I would love to go for a standard nickname even though nicknames are usually given with time (mine is "bebeca" and i don't have any of these syllables on my name) for the name Thais (ty-EES). This name is very hard to find a nice nickname and I can only think of Ty, T and Izzy/Izzie, can you guys make something out of it? I don't mind if it's a big stretch.
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    The "ees" sound in Thais made me think of Easter which made me think of the nickname Bunny, though I think that'd probably only work as a family nickname. I don't know if he's thought of some middle names yet but the middle name could definitely help with nicknames. For example, Thais June could be TJ, Thais Lila could be Tyla, Thais Rae could be Reese.

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    I immediately thought of Tiger, which i think is adorable and very wearable - especially for Thais as they share that first syllable.
    Another I thought of is Isa, from the last syllable - which can often a nickname for Isabel/la or a name in itself.
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    I think Isa is the best option.
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    Thais is pretty. I'd suggest Taya (rhymes with Maya) as a nickname.

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