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    Red face Help Please

    I've tried to start many books in the past but I've simply lost interest in them. Now, I feel like I finally have the one I want to write and will continue to want to write.

    I just need help finding little sister's name. The pair's surname is Fontaine. The main character is Annabelle, whom will mostly be known as Anna throughout the book. She is roughly 18-19 years of age. Her little sister is an exceptionally bright, spunky girl of about 12. Think a bit like a younger Violet Baudelaire.

    I want her to have a sort of younger sister-feeling name, like Mae or Poppy, but at the same time, she's not too young, so I'd like a name with no frills. I was thinking Claire, but haven't come up with much else. I'd really love to use Jordan but it's also the name of a close friend who will most probably read it as I publish chapters (I do them online). Please let me know your suggestions! They are really appreciated.
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    I pulled Josephine from your signature, I think it sounds like what you're looking for. With a nickname of Josie?

    More like Claire could be Cora or Clara? Lucy, Luna?

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    Maeve? Similar to Mae...
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    I think Mae works quite nicely and goes well with Annabelle. I like the suggestion of Josephine. How about..
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    Layla/Leyla sounds the a good younger sister name
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