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    Loki Land
    Street Name: Hyde Lane
    The Ford Family: #3 Hyde Lane
    You (34): Stephanie Ford (Johnson)
    DH (34): Leo Ford
    DD (6): Demi Zinnea Ford [child with dark blonde hair]
    DD (4): Charlotte Lucy FordCharly” [child with light blonde hair]
    DS (1): Knox Noah Ford

    The Olivier-Burns Family: #1 [Hyde Lane
    DH (39): Hector Timothy Olivier-Burns [wearing black sweater]
    DH (40): Benedict Paul Olivier-Burns [wearing grey sweater]
    DAS (5): Archibald Adam Olivier-Burns [wearing striped top]
    DAS (4): Jasper Anthony Olivier-Burns [wearing button-up top]

    The O'Neil Family: #2 Hyde Lane
    DH (50): John Albert O’Neil
    DW (48): Mary-Anne Nancy O’Neil (MN: Smith)
    DS (17): Carter Sean O’Neill
    DD (14): Rose Caitlin O’Neill
    The Carmichael Family: #4 Hyde Lane
    DMom (40): Samantha Emma Carmichael
    DD (15): Annabelle Carmichael [wearing tank top dress]
    DD (13): Anastasia Beatrice Carmichael [wearing long sleeve dress]

    The Brown Family: #5 Hyde Lane
    DH (33): Nathaniel Brown
    DW (30): Francine Brown (MN: King)
    DD (6): Harriet Jane Brown
    DS (4): Pax River Brown [wearing grey shirt]
    DS (3): Phoenix Theodore Brown [wearing blue shirt]
    DD (nb): Pearl Rhiannon Brown

    The Bishop-Godfrey Family: #6 Hyde Lane
    *For this family, the children have the same name as their father.
    DBf (30): William Avery Bishop (LN1)
    DGf (31): Roxanne Patricia Godfrey (LN2)
    DD (5): Willow Juliet Francesca Bishop
    DS (3): Xander Jonah Tristan Bishop

    The Park Family: #7 Hyde Lane
    *For this family, list surname first. DW keeps her maiden name.
    DH: Park Eunho
    DW: Kim Yoona
    DS (3): Park Jiyoung
    DD (2): Park Ara

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    Street Name: Rover Lane

    The Wilson Family: #3 Rover Lane
    You (34): Kate Stephanie (Johnson) Wilson
    DH (34): Leo Henry Wilson
    DD (6): Colette Ingrid Wilson "Lettie"
    DD (4): Charlotte Ivy Wilson
    DS (1): Declan Noah Wilson

    The Olivier-Burns Family: #1 Rover Lane
    DH (39): Ian Timothy Olivier-Burns
    DH (40): Paul Lucas Olivier-Burns
    DAS (5): Sebastian Phillip Olivier-Burns
    DAS (4): Anthony Thomas Olivier-Burns

    The Thompson Family: #2 Rover Lane
    DH (50): John Albert Thompson
    DW (48): Susan Mary-Anne (Lambert) Thompson
    DS (17): Carter Benjamin Thompson
    DD (14): Hannah Brittany Thompson

    The Scott Family: #4 Rover Lane
    DMom (40): Samantha Natalie Scott
    DD (15): Zara Annabelle Scott
    DD (13): Clarissa Anastasia Scott

    The The Parker Family: #5 Rover Lane
    DH (33): David Nathaniel Parker
    DW (30): Katherine Francine (Montgomery) Parker
    DD (6): Dahlia Vivienne Parker
    DS (4): Emmett George Parker
    DS (3): Jack Theodore Parker
    DD (nb): Violet Georgia Parker

    The Bishop-Godfrey Family: #6 Rover Lane
    *For this family, the children have the same name as their father.
    DBf (30): Leroy Avery Bishop
    DGf (31): Roxanne Patricia Godfrey
    DD (5): Francesca Lillian Bishop
    DS (3): Hank Jonah Bishop

    The Lee Family: #7 Rover Lane
    *For this family, list surname first. DW keeps her maiden name.
    DH: Kihyun Lee
    DW: Seolgi Choi Lee
    DS (3): Minseok Lee
    DD (2): Soobin Lee

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    The Knightly Family: #3 Newfoundland Court
    You (34): Kate Maria Knightly (MN: Greene)
    DH (34): Finnegan Andrew Knightly
    DD (6): Penelope Ingrid Knightly
    DD (4): Lorelei Sybil Knightly
    DS (1): Declan Aaron Knightly

    The Vyniski-Jones Family: #1 Newfoundland Court
    DH (39): Ian Michael Jones
    DH (40): Paul Lucas Vyniski
    DAS (5): Sebastian Oliver Vyniski-Jones
    DAS (4): Jasper Anthony Vyniski-Jones

    The O’Neil Family: #2 Newfoundland Court
    DH (50): Louis John O’Neil
    DW (48): Mary-Anne Elaine O’Neil (MN: Smith)
    DS (17): Ethan Sean O’Neil
    DD (14): Caitlin Hannah O’Neil

    The de Rossi Family: #4 Newfoundland Court
    DMom (40): Leah Natalie de Rossi
    DD (15): Cassandra Teresa de Rossi
    DD (13): Eliza Caroline de Rossi

    The Callaghan Family Family: #5 Newfoundland Court
    DH (33): James Samuel Callaghan
    DW (30): Olivia Katherine Callaghan (MN: King)
    DD (6): Poppy Harriet Callaghan
    DS (4): Wesley River Callaghan
    DS (3): Jack Phoenix Callaghan
    DD (nb): Clementine Thisbe Callaghan

    The Bishop-Godfrey Family: #6 Newfoundland Court
    DBf (30): Marcus Avery Bishop
    DGf (31): Roxanne Emily Godfrey
    DD (5): Francesca Willow Bishop
    DS (3): Tristan Xander Bishop

    The Park Family: #7 Newfoundland Court
    DH: Park Eunho
    DW: Kim Baekhee
    DS (3): Park Minseok
    DD (2): Park Soobin
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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    The Ford Family: #3 Newfoundland Court
    You (34): Allison Kate Ford (MN: Greene)
    DH (34): Andrew Joseph Ford
    DD (6): Hadley Colette Ford
    DD (4): Charlotte Renee Ford
    DS (1): Declan Aaron Ford

    The Williams-Tinpike Family: #1 Newfoundland Court
    DH (39): Eric Timothy Williams-Tinpike
    DH (40): Victor Paul Williams-Tinpike
    DAS (5): Sebastian Archibald Williams-Tinpike
    DAS (4): Flynn Thomas Williams-Tinpike

    The O'Neil Family: #2 Newfoundland Court
    DH (50): John Louis O'Neil
    DW (48): Susan Elaine O'Neil (MN: Smith)
    DS (17): Tyler Joshua O'Neil
    DD (14): Caitlin Rose O'Neil

    The de Rossi Family: #4 Newfoundland Court
    DMom (40): Emma Samantha de Rossi
    DD (15): Cassandra Zara de Rossi
    DD (13): Clarissa Beatrice de Rossi

    The Brown Family: #5 Newfoundland Court
    DH (33): Owen Samuel Brown
    DW (30): Olivia Katherine Brown (MN: Fitzgerald)
    DD (6): Poppy Vivienne Brown
    DS (4): River George Brown
    DS (3): Jack Ryder Brown
    DD (nb): Georgia Thisbe Brown

    The Campbell-Andrews Family: #6 Newfoundland Court
    DBf (30): Marcus William Campbell
    DGf (31): Ashley Emily Andrews
    DD (5): Nevaeh Willow Campbell
    DS (3): Tristan Cato Campbell

    The Kwon Family: #7 Newfoundland Court
    DH: Kwon Sungyeol
    DW: Choi Seolgi
    DS (3): Kwon Hojin
    DD (2): Kwon Ara
    Lauren, Teenberry
    Too many favorite names to list...

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    Street Names: Newfoundland Cove

    The (Knightly) Family: #3 Newfoundland Cove
    You (34): Maria Allison (MN: Chaumelle)
    DH (34): Leo Finnegan
    DD (6): Penelope Colette
    DD (4): Charlotte Lorelei
    DS (1): Edmund Knox

    The (Olivier-Burns) Family: #1 Newfoundland Cove
    DH (39): James Timothy (Jem)
    DH (40): Isaac Benedict (Ike)
    DAS (5): Sebastian Archibald
    DAS (4): Jasper Ferdinand

    The (O'Neil) Family: #2 Newfoundland Cove
    DH (50): Louis Albert (Louie)
    DW (48): Elizabeth Susan (MN: McGregor) (Libby)
    DS (17): Benjamin Carter (Benji)
    DD (14): Rose Hannah (Rosie)

    The (Scott) Family: #4 Newfoundland Cove
    DMom (40): Emma Ruth
    DD (15): Zara Louise
    DD (13): Eliza Beatrice

    The (Callaghan) Family: #5 Newfoundland Cove
    DH (33): Samuel James (Sam)
    DW (30): Margaret Grace (MN: King) (Greta)
    DD (6): Poppy Jane
    DS (4): George River
    DS (3): Archie Theodore
    DD (nb): Clementine Rhiannon (Cleo)

    The Bishop-Godfrey Family: #6 Newfoundland Cove
    DBf (30): Nathan Avery Bishop (Nate)
    DGf (31): Mila Emily Godfrey (Mimi)
    DD (5): Juliet Willow (Jett)
    DS (3): Jonah Cato

    The Park Family: #7 Newfoundland Cove
    DH: Kihyun
    DW: Yoona (MN: Na)
    DS (3): Hojin
    DD (2): Ara

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