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Thread: Help!!

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    Hi guys,

    Recently I have really started to like name Edwin. I wanted to ask you guys what you think of the name Edwin? What nicknames would you suggest for Edwin? Do you think the nickname Teddy works for Edwin?

    Thank you! x
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    Edwin is a pretty cool name, not really my style though. When I meet a Teddy I assume it's short for Theodore. I don't think Teddy works well as a nickname for Edwin, it's a bit of a stretch, but then again some nicknames don't always match the given name.

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    ladimon Guest
    I really like the name Edwin, although I personally wouldn't use it. I think Teddy could work, but most people would probably shorten his name to Ed unless you introduce him as Teddy.

    Are you looking for middles? If you are, here are some that share the same old fashioned vibe.
    Edwin John
    Edwin Theodore
    Edwin Frederick
    Edwin George
    Edwin David
    Edwin Robert
    Edwin Jonah

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    In the U.K. Edwin is definitely an older name currently. We have lots of Teddys now which aren't short for anything so that's an option?

    I love Darwin in your signature which to me is a more 'trendy' option but is similar
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    I like Edwin nn Ted/Teddy or Win (for a girl I really like Edwina nn Winnie). It's an older classic name in line with Calvin, Desmond, Alfred, Chester, etc. My cousin used it for her little boy and it suits him well.

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