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Thread: Your Thoughts?

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    Your Thoughts?

    I'd love to hear some thoughts, opinions or suggestions on my favourite combos.

    They're in my signature, but I'll write them here as well:
    Rosie Emmanuelle
    Josephine Ivy
    Mila Faye
    Ingrid Anne
    Calliope Rose
    Iona Vivienne
    Reina Claire
    Caroline Autumn
    Tilly Hazel

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    Rosie Emmanuelle- I love this. I love Rosie! I myself would prefer it as a nickname (to Primrose or Rosalind) but paired with Emmanuelle I think just Rosie is fine. Emmanuelle is long and full and balances the shorter, lighter Rosie out

    Josephine Ivy- Ahh I love Ivy. Its one of those names that fits woth almost any name, any style. Its classy and not expected or over popular. And I like the flow of this whole name.

    Mila Faye- My first thought is this is a very short name. Almost too short. The look and the sound. It seems like Mila could have more length and substance. A longer name with the nickname Mila? Milena Faye. Camila Faye. But I do think Mila works fine as a stand alone name and it has a lovely sound. Just the look of this combo looks so short and small to me.

    Ingrid Anne- Quite plain and a little dull next to some of your other names. Maybe a different middle name? I like something a little spunky with Ingrid like Ingrid Vivienne, Ingrid Daisy or Ingrid Marina.

    Calliope Rose- This is lovely. Calliope is a great, uncommon but not unheard of name! And paired with the classic Rose it is a beautiful feminine combination.

    Iona Vivienne- I really am liking the flow and lilt of this one! Awesome combination.

    Reina Claire- Oh how I love Reina. Claire isn't my favourite middle name with it, it feels like a tiny bit of a let down after Reina. But it's ok. Reina Ivy or Reina Rose (I like the alliteration in this one! Gives it some spunk)

    Caroline Autumn- Great solid name. A good mix of vintage and new again. It also has a good strong sound and flow.

    Tilly Hazel- This one also feels a bit short and abrupt. Maybe because I expect Tilly to be a nickname for something? Matilde Hazel or Ottilie Hazel.
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    They're in my signature, but I'll write them here as well:
    Rosie Emmanuelle: This combo would be better as Rose Emmanuelle. The "ie" at the end of the Rosie and the E at the beginning of Emmanuelle is too much of the E sound.
    Josephine Ivy: I think the flow of this combo would be better if reversed, Ivy Josephine.
    Mila Faye: This is a beautiful combo.
    Ingrid Anne: Both of these names are too harsh when put together in my opinion. Perhaps Ingrid Pearl or Anne Charlotte.
    Calliope Rose: I think the O sound in Calliope and the O sound in Rose are a little too much. Perhaps Calliope Grace or Rose Amelia.
    Iona Vivienne: This is pretty. Though I prefer the spelling Iona Vivian.
    Reina Claire: Not a fan of the name Reina. Makes me think of Reindeer. Claire is pretty.
    Caroline Autumn: I like this reversed, Autumn Caroline. Absolutely beautiful.
    Tilly Hazel: Not a fan of Tilly. It is hard to imagine that name aging well. Thea Hazel or Matilda Hazel with Tilly as her nickname.
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    The one that sticks out to me is Calliope Rose...Pretty
    I like Tillly Hazel and like the suggestion of Ottilie Hazel.

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