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    I'm having a girl but the name I LOVE is too similar to her older cousin HELP!

    So I am due with a baby girl in July YAY. My husband and I have had the name Addison picked out since we were in high school. Just recently my sister in law had a baby girl and named her Madison. Should I consider a new name because they are so similar. Kind of upset about the whole thing

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    No. I have nephews named Bastion & Boston. No one gets them confused, and hardly anyone comments on it. If anything, they think it's cute! They might even grow up to be bffs!
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    If you love it you should use it. I think cousins having similar names isn't a big deal. You shouldn't feel like you have to drop the name you've wanted to use for so long just because someone else in your family happened to have a baby first.

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    Madison is a common enough name and there are enough popular names that sound similar (Addison, Madeline, etc.) that your sister-in-law should expect her daughter to meet people with similar names. If you aren't sure, maybe check with her first- she may be totally fine with it! But if you really want something different, what about Addie, Adeline or Ada which are more different?
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    Oh, I sympathize. My husband and I had our favorite girls' name picked out for years before I got pregnant with our daughter and I was nervous with every baby girl born in our families that someone would use it first! As to your dilemma, in the end, your daughter's name is entirely up to you, so if you don't mind having a daughter Addison and a niece Madison, then there's nothing to outright stop you--but in my opinion, it's worth weighing if it will cause ill-feelings in the family, or simply if it might be confusing to shared grandparents/other relatives/in family gatherings.

    Personally, I would talk with your sister-in-law and see whether she minds. I know sisters who have daughters with rhyming names (think Mia and Leah) and they and their daughters think it's fun. On the other hand, I personally would not love for my child and their cousin to have such close names.

    I think if you're prepared to not use the name, you should go ahead and ask your sister-in-law for permission (that way, if she says no, you haven't lost anything, and if she says yes, it would be a kind gesture from you to show your concern with her feelings). However, if you decide you're going to use it anyways, it would probably be best to give a polite head's up/explanation in advance, but not frame it as a question. I also feel like the fact that you are currently pregnant with a girl (and maybe already were when baby Madison was born?) gives you a lot more liberty to say, "what a coincidence, we're naming our baby Addison! It's been our favorite name since high school!" rather than claiming the name for a hypothetical future daughter.

    In terms of alternatives, I like the idea of Adeline (still gets you the Addie nickname) or Adalyn, or Adelaide. There's also Adair (Uh-dair, so a little bit of a different "ad" sound), but has a little bit of the same feel as Addison to me. I also love Adele and Adalia.

    Or perhaps it's more the "-son" ending that you like, in which case there's of course Alison, but I've also heard Emerson used more on girls lately (and Emmy is a cute nickname).

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