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    I am just Kate and I really wish I had a longer name. I use to tell my husband about the exchange that I have with people over my name and he didn't believe it, but now that we've been married for a while, he's watched it happen over and over and laughs every time it starts up. The exchange goes like this...

    Friend/Stranger: What's your REAL name?
    Me: Kate
    Friend/Stranger: No, like the name on your birth certificate.
    Me: Kate
    Friend/Stranger: No, like your proper name is it Katherine or Caitlin or Katrina... like your long name?
    Me: Yeah, I understand, but it's just Kate.

    The reason this is so funny is that people ALWAYS suggest names that my name may be as though I don't understand what they are asking... as if I don't know my own name.

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    Kate on its own is perfectly acceptable. Katie can sound cute and more like a nickname, but Kate is strong and sophisticated.
    I also agree that it goes well with Benjamin.

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    I think that people will keep asking "whats your full name" when she introduces herself as Kate
    Names like Cathrine/Katrina I like are Katerina (it even has Kate in it! Really popular in Greece), Katya (you could make it work I think!)
    greek teenberry

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    Esme Theresa Irelyn Elise Nessa Beatrice Novalie Katya Taina Joy
    Winter Olivia Marlene Tove Maja Juliet Erica Olive Elliot Shay
    Lukas Oliver Elias Harry Lars Nolan Emil Wyatt
    Isak (Ee-sock) Miles Mathias Jake Lance Willem Marcel Clyde

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    Kate can definitely stand on its own! I've known a fair number of Kates and they've actually all been just Kate. The Catherines/Katherines I've known have gone by a mix of their full name and Cat/Kat or Katie, but never Kate.

    From the rest of your list, I think Hannah, Emily and Grace go best with Benjamin. Margot is lovely too but feels more old-fashioned and doesn't match as well stylistically.
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