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    Question Middle name for Seth?

    I posted a poll a while back on this, but am going to start fresh with some new considerations.

    We've almost settled on the name Seth for our baby-to-be. We love that it's short and sweet, classic without being very common, works well across ages, and it has personal significance for us.

    For a middle name I'd ideally like a 3-syllable nature-inspired name - so far Everett is the only one that sort of meets that criteria.

    Our last name is Wheatman and we're planning on using my last name, Marleau (pronounced with an "o" sound at the end) as another middle name -- but not with the intention of it getting used that often.

    So far our ideas are:

    Seth Rowan Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Everett Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Radley Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Bjorn Marleau Wheatman

    A few pros and cons on my list...

    • Seth Rowan may make people think of the actor / comedian Seth Rogan - not sure how much weight to give to that. I also am not crazy about Rowan and Wheatman both ending in "n" but I don't think it's a deal-breaker.

    • Everett slightly runs together with Seth, although I think the "E" of Everett is pretty strong. I like the 1-3-2 pattern of syllables that it would make.

    • Hubby really likes the name Bjorn although I don't think it works that well with Seth

    Your opinions and other suggestions please!

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    oliveshoot Guest
    I really love Seth too, for all the reasons you described. I think from your choices, I would choose Radley.
    In my experience, Rowan has been taken over by girls.

    Other ideas that may or may not fit your qualifications:

    Seth Aspen Marleau Whitman

    Seth Wilder Marleau Wheatman

    Seth Benedict Marleau Wheatman

    Seth Wolfgang Marleau Wheatman

    Seth Reed Marleau Wheatman

    Seth Alder Marleau Wheatman

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    Just want to say that I don't think a name can be "taken over" by either gender, and that I choose Rowan.

    Rhoswen Lark
    Bryony Greer - Eira Nyx

    Ren Lennox - Dean Everest
    Lennox Grant - Merrick Bryn - Remy Davis

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    Are you set on using two middle names? Because I think Seth Marleau Wheatman sounds fantastic! You have the good fortune of a nice last name to use in the middle. I gave my kid my last name as a second middle even though it doesn't sound nearly as nice (but it never gets used day-to-day, it's just there, officially).

    If you do want to add another middle name, Rowan and Everett are my favorites from your list.

    I didn't think of Seth Rogan when I read Seth Rowan, though I think there was something familiar about the Seth Ro--an sound to me that probably came from having heard the actor's name before. But it flows very nicely. You could consider Roland as an alternative to make it less similar and change the "n" ending, but I don't think you need to.
    I think Seth Rowan Marleau Wheatman all together makes the nicest combo because I like the repeating "o" sounds between the two middle names.

    I think Seth Everett flows fine, and I'd encourage you to use it if it's your favorite (by virtue of meeting the criteria of 3-syllable and nature-related--you could also use Everest if you really want to highlight the nature connection).

    Radley is not my style, and Bjorn doesn't seem to go as well with the other names (though I don't think it's unusable with them, it just wouldn't be my choice).

    Love the name Seth, by the way!

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    What about...

    Seth Calloway Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Banyan Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Cypress Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Harlan Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Rafferty Marleau Wheatman
    Seth Evander Marleau Wheatman

    Good luck! Seth is a great name!

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