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    Leo or Remy? Help me decide!

    Hi berries,

    I posted here a little while ago requesting some initial thoughts on my long shortlist of boy names. I got some great feedback and wonderful suggestions at the time.

    We've since narrowed it down to two names that we are seriously considering at the moment. We will no doubt wait and make the final decision when our little guy arrives in March but just thought it would be good to see which you berries prefer?

    The names are:

    Leo or Remy

    We have a little boy already named Finn.

    Looking forward to hearing which is your favourite out of the two and why!


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    Love both names but Leo wins easily. I think Remy is quite feminine. I know a few girls with this name. Finn & Leo are gorgeous!

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    I love both.

    Finn and Leo is a lovely sibset, both very handsome, youthful and current.

    Finn and Remy is a bit more surprising (in a good way!) Remy is much less popular than Finn and Leo so I like the quirkiness it adds to the sibset.

    So both lovely, but I'd personally go with Remy.
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    I love the name Leo, but there's something about Remy! It's unexpected and cool. I think Finn and Remy make a great sibset.

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    Remy! I love it, very different and cool which is similar to Finn.
    Remy and Finn sound so nice together too.
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