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    I can only think of the Disney movie when I hear Remy, sorry-
    And I feel like Leo goes better with Finn so!
    I also love Leo for its history, even though nowadays its just another popular name
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback so far!

    Most of you have touched on exactly what I love about both names.

    Leo is short, sweet and strong and in my opinion is perfect with Finn! However the popularlity does bother me, especially considering Finn is quite popular now too so although they fit perfectly, it's almost a little expected. I can imagine there would be quite a few families with a Finn and Leo I'm sure.

    Remy on the other hand is one I've loved since I had Finn but didn't feel brave enough to use the first time around (besides I loved Finn more). I love that is a little different and cool, like a few of you have said, but adds a quirky vibe to the sibset than say Leo does. I love that it seems to make Finn feel less trendy and popular than it probably is. In my opinion anyway. My reservation is it does seem a little feminine considering lots of people are using it on girls now.

    Decisions, decisions!

    Please keep the comments coming. I love hearing everyone's reactions

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    Quote Originally Posted by katinka View Post
    I love both.

    Finn and Leo is a lovely sibset, both very handsome, youthful and current.

    Finn and Remy is a bit more surprising (in a good way!) Remy is much less popular than Finn and Leo so I like the quirkiness it adds to the sibset.

    So both lovely, but I'd personally go with Remy.
    You seem to have the same thoughts I do about both names.

    I love Leo and it does seem to work so well together as a sibset, my reservation being how popular they both are. Remy just adds a different more unexpected vibe to the sibset which I love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuma View Post
    I don't like Remy at all but it goes better with Finn than Leo. I disagree that Remy is more unexpected, however, because I have heard the sibset of Finn & Remy or Flynn & Remi so many times on people of all ages, but maybe that's just where I live
    Thank you for your comments! I'd be very interested to know which country you are in when you say you hear more sibsets with Finn and Remy?

    I'm in Australia and although Finn is popular, I don't hear Remy that much, especially not together as a sibset.

    It's funny how much your location can alter the way we view a name isn't it?

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    I love both but I prefer Leo. I also think it fits better with Finn. But they're both great names and you really can't go wrong.
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