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    Thoughts on Oceane?

    My partner and I love the beach and this baby will be a Pisces so we would love a surfy/beachy name in there somewhere.

    Our surname ends in 'n' so not sure 'Oceane' would work as a first name.
    First name will probably be Willow.

    Apparently Oceane was number 6 in France as a girls name back in 2007 so I'm not sure if it's dated?

    I've only heard of Ocean as a boys name and he is a cool kid!

    I'm also not sure if you pronounce Oceane O - shen or o - sea - un?

    Is Oceane/Ocean usable for a girl?

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    I don't consider 2007 "dated" but either way, if you don't live in France then that shouldn't mean anything anyway. Apparently in French it's pronounced o-see-an.

    I think it's very useable, Oceane looks more like a name to me, and Ocean a more hippy choice.

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    J'adore Océane (prefer this to makes the pronunciation difference clear). I never care about "datedness", so it's a non issue to me. I love the surfy/beachy connection. I say go for it.

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    I'd pronounce it o-she-anne. With that pronounciation I'd say it could be used for a girl since it ends with "Anne". But even pronounced ocean, it could be used for a girl because it's a thing. It doesn't have a gender. I'd go with o-she-Anne since it sounds more like a name than a thing.

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    I second using the accent (I don't know how to type it on my phone) because it gives it that je ne sais quoi. Pronounced o-shey-anne

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