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    I think Oceane/Océane is pretty and I like that it has meaning for you. I would pronounce it the French way. I'm not sure how usable it would be an English-speaking country though. I can imagine people pronouncing it all sorts of ways.

    Regarding Océane's popularity in France I recommend looking at its page on the website Meilleurs Prénoms.
    It was rarely used before the 1980s and peaked in the year 2000. However, unless you live in France I don't see why this should be important.
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    Go for it!!
    It having the same sound as your surname in the end wont be as much of a problem since it is going to be a middle name
    Id definitely pronounce it the french way too
    Even though you didnt exactly ask for our opinion, id like to add that i dont think Ocean is as mellifluous because of the way you pronounce it and its also too hippy for my tastes
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    Thank you all so much for your insights into Ocean/Oceane. It's now our number one for a girl! 6 weeks to go!

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    I'm an American living in France and Océane was at one point our top choice for our daughter's middle name (we ended up deciding to use a family honor name), so I was excited to see this post!

    I can tell you that the French pronunciation is Oh-say-ahn. But this was NEVER the pronunciation I got running the name by English-speakers, and that's why I was considering it only as a middle name because I preferred a first name that wouldn't have pronunciation issues for either French or English.

    To answer your other question, from discussing the name with people in France/on French baby sites, it does seem to have a trendy/dated early-2000s feel for French people (trendy because it is a non-traditional name that peaked rapidly, and then rapidly declined in use). But I don't think that will affect how it is perceived outside France, and I still think it's a pretty name and I like how it is tied to the ocean (my husband and I are also ocean/beach-lovers!). If not for the choice to honor a family member, I would still want to use it.

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    Thanks for your input Halloween-Jacqueline. I agree that most people wouldn't pronounce it correctly. The correct pronunciation is really cute!

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