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    I love the name Chester! It was my great grandfather's name and I'd love to be as brave as you and use it one day! I think Linus matches Chester well!

    Suggestions that sound nice with Chester:


    Good luck!
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    I love Linus!
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    I like Linus a lot. And a lot of good suggestions in the replies as well, especially Ralph. Also, what about Roger? A very old name that is rarely heard today.
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    Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions on your lists. Awesome to hear you like Linus, we didn't exactly get a great response from the MIL.

    Montgomery - My husband can only think of "gomer" when he sees this name, lol. But I love the nickname Monty. Can anyone think of another name that could lead to Monty? Or what do you think of using Monty on its own as a possible first name?
    Ralph - I actually kinda like this name, but I'm not sure I'm able to get over the whole puke association.
    Barney - My husband asked if this name was the reason I've been buying purple onesies for the baby, so I guess it's a no.
    Harry - This is a great name. I never realised how unpopular it is at the moment.
    Fran... -names - I LOVE Francis, Frans, Frank and all the other Fran-names. However my niece will be named Francine and they're already calling her Frankie so that rules out all of those names.
    Otis - This name is really starting to grow on me.
    Gordon - I like this one.
    Morris/Moritz/Maurice - I keep going back and forth with these names, one day I like them and the next day I don't.
    Marvin - I really like this one.
    Rupert - I kinda like Rupert, but Robert has been so popular for so long I fear people would get them mixed up.
    Roger - I would probably love this name if there wasn't an annoying uncle in the family who always says "roger that".

    My husband just mentioned Sheldon and I think I really like it. What do you think of Sheldon?
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    Another way to get to Monty could be Montague. I saw a birth annoucement in the newspaper the other day for a baby Montague and thought it was quite dfferent and interesting (I would pronounce it three syllables, last one riming with queue). I do like Linus but for what it's worth it always makes me think of Linux. I love the idea of Ralph, and have no idea at all what you mean by the puke association, if that helps! I also think Sheldon is brilliant and goes really well with Chester.

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