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Thread: Renan/Renon

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    This is not necessarily a reliable source but I found this:

    Renan originated in Brazil and was actually a pretty popular boys name in the 1980s. This is likely due to Renan Dal Zotto, a Brazilian volleyball player that competed in the 1980, 84, and 88 Olympic Games for Brazil. His influence lead to the popularity of the name during this time period. The UFC fighter is Brazilian and born in the late 80s.

    There has been some speculation on the linguistic origin/inspiration for the name. Some sources say it came from the Irish Ronan. Another source says it comes from the Hebrew name Raanan. Others say it came from the Renato/Renatus/Renata family of names(this is more likely considering the Brazilian origin). But it is pretty clear that Renan Del Zotto's parents made up the name, and it caught on as a name due to his influence.

    What do we think...I'm not Brazilian, but it doesn't sound traditional either. I'm torn!

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    I went to middle school with a Turkish/Greek girl named Rennan. She pronounced her name "ren-AHN," which I think is what you're going for? Don't fear spelling variations, especially when they're legitimate and used by parents in the culture the name originates in.

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    I agree with @southern.maple's comments. You may be overthinking it . I would choose your spelling preference which I think is Renan. Perfectly legitimate name and I think you should go for it!

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    From what I can tell Renan is a real Turkish name, not a spelling variation. I think the Nameberry database entry may be incorrect in this case, at least for the Turkish name.

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    I like Renan, and I immediately thought of Renan Ozturk since my husband is into climbing. I have a vague memory of reading a magazine story (I think about Meru) aloud while my husband was driving on a road trip and having my pronunciation of Renan's name corrected. Now I can't remember what I initially assumed, but in the U.S. I'm sure you'd get a lot of REE-nen and REN-en, like variations of Ronan. But I'm proof that it's not hard once you know how to pronounce it.

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