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    I agree that they're all perfectly usable! My favorites are Violet Arielle, Lilac Delphine, and Clementine Rose. I would love Camellia Evangeline, too, if it weren't for another Camellia I already know who has tarnished the name for me. Serenity I'm so-so on--I like Serena much more--but I definitely find it usable. I do like Lorelei Serenity more than Serenity Lorelei, though, for what it's worth.

    Good luck!
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    I think they are usable, YES! Violet Arielle is my top from those!!

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    I agree with previous posters that they're all usable

    Lilac Delphine is very stunning in particular!
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    Clementine Rose - usable
    Lilac Delphine - usable, although I'd pick a stabiliser name for either Lilac or Delphine (aka something more usable in the MN spot)
    Camellia Evangeline - usable, but ridiculously long
    Serenity Lorelei - usable
    Heather Belle - usable
    Violet Arielle - usable

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    The only one I dont like is Serenity Lorelei
    I really dislike the name Serenity and I cant think of a nice nn for Lorelei (unless you do not like using nicknames)
    Camellia Evangeline being shortened to Camellia Eva/Eve/Evanthe or something would be nice too
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