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    are these guilty pleasure names useable?

    Clementine Rose: I think of the fruit and roses and it's just so summery and girly.
    Lilac Delphine : love the sound and look of Lilac, and Delphine is uber sophisticated and serves as a more proper name.
    Camellia Evangeline : Solely because of the flower, camellia, not to be confused with Camila. Evangeline again as a more proper name.
    Serenity Lorelei: calm serene + the siren legend of Lorelei
    Heather Belle: I once saw this combo use on an online avatar together as Heatherbel, loved it but separated them.
    Violet Arielle: Again flower name, and Arielle both for being french and for reminding me of the mermaid.

    my real list of names looks very boring by comparison, mostly full of semi-common classics.

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    I think all of these names are perfectly usable. I absolutely adore Lilac especially, and Lilac Delphine is gorgeous!
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    Yes, these are all beautiful! I especially love Clementine Rose and Lilac Delphine.

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    Yes!!! Like Clementine Rose...

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    All usable IMO. I love Lilac Delphine. Clementine Rose and Violet Arielle are beautiful too.

    Maybe you could mix and match some of your more mainstream favourites with these quirkier names, e.g. as a middle name? Olivia Delphine, Ava Clementine, that sort of thing.
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