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    Imma Albertine De’Ath is an emotional and sensitive 20 years old who lives in the suburbs of London, England. She works as a warden in Epping Forest. Her parents, Kristen Hazel Preston (66) and Ross Alexander De’Ath (58), are divorced and have both remarried. She has four siblings; Edmund Joshua (24), twins Levi Nicholas and Augustus Pierre (21), and Heather Leona (19). Kristen is a hot headed primary school teacher in the inner city of Cork, Ireland. Ross is a dim but loyal ventriloquist in central Florida, USA. Edmund is a charming ambassador in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Levi is currently studying journalism at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. Augustus meanwhile is a popular jockey in New Mexico, USA. Heather is studying to be an economist at the University of Toronto, Canada. Imma’s girlfriend Holly Julia Whyte (21) is an aspiring firefighter who she met at school. After they get married they will be moving to Central London, near Piccadilly Circus.

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    Gabrielle "Gabby" Justine Garcia; 22
    •kind and helpful (I)
    •interning to journalism
    •lives in NYC
    •grew up with a widowed mother
    --DMother: Emily Victoria (Kent) Garcia
    --DBrother: Alexander "Alex" Ryan Garcia; 24
    --DSister: Romana "Remi" Faith Garcia; 23
    --DBrother: Adrian "Drew" Cole Garcia; 20

    Love Interest:

    Reagan "Rae" Julia Case; 23
    •athletic and responsible
    •rookie detective
    •lives in NYC

    Our Story:

    How they met...
    Gabby and Rae met during Rae's first case as a detective. Gabby was interning at a local paper and shadowing a senior journalist who was covering the story surrounding Rae's case. Gabby was given the opportunity to conduct her first interview and was told to interview the rookie detective: Rae. They instantly clicked and Rae contacted Gabby for a date once the article was released.

    After marriage...
    Rae and Gabby debated about where they would live for quite some time. While they both thought it was practical to move to a suburb or a rural area, they couldn't decide. Eventually, they both realized that they loved the city too much to leave. After getting married, they moved into a little apartment in a nice area of NYC.

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    Wren Francesca Ridley
    Age: 23
    Personality: Charismatic and inspiring (E)
    Career: Popstar
    Location: London, England (in the city).
    Family: Married Parents
    -Father: Alasdair Ross Ridley
    --Personality: Dim but loyal (I)
    --Career: Linguist
    -Mother: Siobhan Jane Ridley (née Hogwood).
    --Personality: Charismatic and inspiring (E)
    --Career: Pilot
    -Sister: Erika Camilla Ridley (15)
    --Personality: Popular and social (E)
    --Career: Artist (Future)

    James Gabriel Ford
    Age: 21
    Personality: Idealistic and Scornful
    Career: Popstar
    Location: Birmingham, England (in the city).
    Family: Unmarried but together parents
    -Father: Randall George Ford
    --Personality: Popular and social (E)
    --Career: A member of parliament
    -Mother: Kristen Gwendolen Abernarthy
    --Personality: Imaginative and Strategic (I)
    --Career: Engineer
    -Brother: Charles Robert Ford (31)
    --Personality: Quiet and mysterious (I)
    --Career: Surgeon (29)
    -Sister: Bianca Emma Ford (25)
    --Personality: Kind and helpful (I)
    --Career: Psychologist (26)

    How did they meet?
    Through work

    After marriage, where did you move?
    Birmingham, England

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    Our Story
    I. Protagonist
    Name: Elaina Ariadne Moore
    Age: 23
    Personality: Sensitive and emotional (I)
    Career: Artist
    Location: Coastal USA (Miami, Florida)
    - Lived with grandparents on mother’s side
    - Grandmother: Renée Sophia Marling
    - Grandfather: Sage Arjun Marling
    - Mother: Robin Leonora Moore (née Marling)
    - Father: Adrian Gray Moore
    - 2 younger siblings:
    Sister (18): Calliope MargaridaCallyMoore
    Brother (15): Ryan Caleb Moore

    II. The Love Interest
    Name: Henry Santiago Hemstock
    Age: 22
    Personality: Responsible and Athletic
    Career: Professional Musician
    From: Miami, Florida

    III. Our First Chapter:
    - Henry & Elaina meet through mutual friends
    - They get married and move to a new house in Miami, Florida

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    Protagonist: Núria Margot Syers (19)
    Location: In a suburb of Vancouver, Canada
    Personality: Imaginative and Strategic (I)
    Career: In University to become a Scientist
    Bilingual in Swedish; lived there for 1 year and learned how to speak it.
    Can solve a Rubik's Cube in 3 minutes 59 seconds.
    Have a life-long best friend named Lita Michelle Nguyen. She is 19 years old, intelligent and witty (E), and is studying in University to become a member of parliament.

    DH: Raul Gratian Syers (widowed)
    DW: Alba Mercè Syers (exp.)

    DS1(25): Arturo Adrian Syers
    DD2(24): Sílvia Noa Syers
    DD1(23): Maia Leota Syers
    DS2(14): Caspar Renee Syers
    DS3(13): Parry Phoenix Syers

    Suleiman Quilo Oriol (19)
    Location: In the city of Miami, Florida
    Personality: Idealistic and scornful
    Career: Training to be a Spy

    How did they meet: Unusual circumstances
    After marriage location: They moved to a suburb in the city of Miami, Florida

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