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    How did you discover your love for names and/or find nameberry?

    How did you discover your love for names? I was looking up a name for my book, and I came upon nameberry. I got so distracted in names! This was August of this year. How did you discover nameberry and how did you discover names? Thanks!
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    I discovered name berry when naming my Sims in April 2016 .

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    Same as! Lol! I love playing the Sims, but I used to have such a hard time finding new names to use. I had long just googled "baby names", but one day, that search led me to Nameberry. I quickly came to like the site and eventually stopped lurking and made an account. I can't even remember when that was...edit: July of 2012, apparently lol.

    My love of names has almost always been there. I'm not sure why, but I've just always been interested in names. From an early age, I was interested in names: finding out what people named their babies, learning what people's middle names were, learning what people were almost named, learning what names meant, learning the origins of names, and coming up with lists of names for my future offspring.

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    I have always loved names, but it really came to a head when my partner and I became serious about our relationship and got to the "let's get married and have kids" point. We started talking about names, and we both love it so much. We stumbled onto Nameberry late one night, when we were chatting about names. Now I am addicted to the site lol
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    When I was a child (8, 9 or 10) I was obsessed with making fake families. Just making up names for them all, writing them down in a notebook with their names next to them, and walking around imagining stories about their life. Everytime one of the fake people had a kid, or died, or had something interesting happen to them, I'd write it down in the notebook and keep on walking in circles around my childhood loungeroom, just daydreaming for hours about all the different families I'd made

    This is going to sound embarrassing, but around that time I stumbled on a website called babynamegenie and started making fake name polls/fake stories about "my families". Yeah, never again. Eventually I heard about nameberry from the BNG forums and migrated here... years ago, I think. I just didn't have an account because I didn't (and don't) have children, and wasn't sure what the point would be. I just played all the name games in the games section. (And still do, sorry.)

    Edit; wait jesus christ this is from 2016
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