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    My love for names probably started when looking for my first daughter's name. I continued looking after she was born as we knew we wanted more children and I came across nameberry then. I finally joined when we were naming our second and since then it's definitely developed! We're likely not having anymore children but I still love to look and write my lists.
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    I remember looking for names for a fanfiction character when I was 14, and I think it all started from there. I first created a nameberry account when I was 16, but didn't start using it regularly until I made this one. I do still use it primarily for fictional characters, though if I were to have a child, this would be the first place I looked for names.
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    I came across it while scouring for names in 2012/13, I loved making lists of future baby names and Y!A just wasn't cutting it anymore. Joined up a few years later (under eoxima) and then newly switched to this.

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    I had always sort of cared about names when I was younger, but one name site I liked got shut down or something, so I looked up "Baby name websites", and I got an account, but I didn't originally want to use the forums, but then I did and about a year later, I'm here now

    My favourite names:
    My bigger list you probably shouldn't read:

    *Space I need to figure out what to do with because I don't make combos*

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    I believe it was in August of 2011. I was only 15 at the time!
    I, too, stumbled upon Nameberry searching names for characters of a story I wanted to write. I stopped writing long ago, but my new found love for names just kept growing and growing!
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