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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    So my girlfriend is having our son in January and we don't have a clue about names. Basically, I'm 17 and don't have a clue about how to name a baby so please help!

    I kind of want it to be modern without it being hipster af and I also hate traditional, old names.
    I was thinking:

    Last name is Winters btw

    Please say whether you like them and suggest more and/or middle names.



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    I love Ezra Winters!
    Here are some tips for naming babies (comming from a writer who named a gazillion characters). First, start with a list of meanings you like. Then research names with those meanings. Write Winters in front of each one to see how they go together. Read out loud to test it.
    Here are some more:

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    Orson Winters is an incredible name! I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices. For the middle, are there any people in your families that you'd like to honour? Grandparents or either of your mother's maiden names could work. Some middle names I like are Reid, Dean, Clark, and Grey.

    Rhoswen Lark
    Bryony Greer - Eira Nyx

    Ren Lennox - Dean Everest
    Lennox Grant - Merrick Bryn - Remy Davis

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    First of all congratulations on becoming a parent very soon. I would love to give a few but of naming advice and look at your ideas! Naming a child is such an important privlidge and you're right to want to do it right. First off you'll both want to make a list of all the names you've heard and liked, choosing the first name is the most important because this is how your child will be seen for their life. Trade lists and cross out anything you really don't like on your girlfriends list and she can do the same for your list, then you have your first list. It's smart to really look into names before you make your first real list because that way you've got lots to work with. So once you go over your own list talk to her about maybe making one too or at least somehow making sure what's on your list you both like. Read all the names outlloud and be sure you like them all enough that if your girlfriend falls in love with one you will be ok with it. Now write each name and write the initials next to the names, do you like with your last name. Read them out loud and make sure they don't run together or rhyme or have weird initials. For example I love Ezra, love it, his initials would be EW which is fine unless it bothers you. With a middle initial in there that won't always be used of course, it would be different too but it's best to look at things from every angle. Winters is a great surname and I would avoid names that also end in a for a first or middle name. Now cross out all the names you don't like combined. Look at what you have left and now you'll choose a middle name and you can ALWAYS go back and start over or add names or whatever. Now you can give your son likely however middle names you'd like. The most I know a young child with at the moment is 3. 2 is very common, as is one and it's far from Unheard of to have no middle. But the middle name is something that can distinguish between two people with the same name, honor a family member or friend or give the child a name a little too brave for a first. Or whatever feels right. Choose what you think you want him to have, 1, 2? Whatever. Do you feel like anyone, including yourself, would be honored to have the child carry one of your names in a middle spot, his mothers maiden name, a beloved grandfather, your middle name, a male version of his mothers first? My father carries his mothers maiden as a middle, his brother carries their fathers middle name, that was his own mothers maiden name, as his middle, as does my brother. My uncles son carries his first name as his middle as does my other uncles son and about 2 dozen other young enough that I know their middle names boys in my friends in family... Many boys I know have their fathers middle names as first names and many their grandfathers names as middle names... My own husband is skeptical personally... His names are common biblical names, we know many boys with his first, middle and variations. He suggested his fathers name which I don't feel comfortable using for various reasons, the main being he wanted to use it as a first name and his father is living and honestly I want our boy to have his own name. What a struggle to find the name that feels right. I wanted a few options also. So now think if you want a long name or a short name, count the syllables in the names, if you favor two syllable first names a single or double syllable middle may be ideal with a 2 syllable last name. And you really can just choose something you like for a middle, like if you really decide you like 2 names and can't choose just decide how it sounds best together. Say you like Walter and George you'd decide
    George Walter Winters or
    Walter George Winters ... Now you might also want to take into account that while winters doesn't end in r it does have a strong er sound so you might want to avoid using any names ending in R or S and you'll want to think about initials... Some people use all D names and some families everyone has different initials, do you mind if his initials are WW or if you and your son or your girlfriend and your son have the same initials, think about your name and her name and say your names and then add & babies name, people will say this and it doesn't matter but if you're trying to use something that fits in well with your family that's something to think about. You do whatever you like, then you'll write out every name option you have left so say you liked Ezra & David for firsts and jack and john and Richard for middles and these are just examples let's say you wrote out
    Ezra Jack Winters
    Ezra John Winters
    Ezra Richard Winters
    Ezra Jack Richard Winters
    Ezra John Richard Winters
    Jack is a variant of john so you decide not to try them together as well as that they are so similar so you move on...
    You write out all those names but with David instead of Ezra and then write all the initials out and cross out what you don't like and then rewrite the list based on what you like best check those initials and then you might be toted to run names by family and friends and In my opinion people always have suggestions and negative feedback until baby is born, this is your child to name so if you don't want to argue and hear how much they hate it or what they want you to name the baby and now will be offended if you don't... Just say you've chosen a name or you want it to be a surprise and pick one and when baby is born introduce him
    And well they'll say what they want but typically people just say aww. Now I have to say some names are more presentable than others... I've heard of kids with some rough names, names that when people hear them they cringe or kids laugh... Names like ninja and panda and kids named for all sorts of craziness... I life fun word names and nature names but some just seem so much more solid.. Like say your son grows up to be a doctor... He will want his patients trusting him... Doctor Steven Winters sounds great, doctor Spitfire winters is a little interesting... I feel like your suggestions are all really solid ones so I think you hits probably know more about naming than you're giving yourself credit for. Let's see...

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    Your list:
    Ezra - this is such a lovely name, it's really making a comeback right now, good fresh sounds but it has been around hiding for a while and it will likely be well recieved by older adults. This seems like a mature and thoughtful name to me. Pairs well with your last name. I feel like Jameson if that's your name, sounds nice as a middle name with it.
    Nolan- this is a more modern sound. The -n ending on a 2 syllable name is very common but the name itself isn't overly used. Sounds good with your last name, Jameson has an n ending also so it clashes a bit so I might not recommend using it as a middle if you choose this name.
    Orson- not often used. - has that popular n ending and son ending like Jameson has, which is cute if that's your name, I wouldn't use Jameson as a middle but it sounds good with the surname. Usable, might take some people a short while to warm up to it but I like it.
    Luca is lovely- sounds good with Jameson if you want and with winters, not overused, I know a couple, it's a very fresh name and I feel like it fits in with kids names these days.
    Jonas- I wouldn't use this just because it ends in an s like winters does, honestly it's not bad just my preference is I wouldn't, and the initials are the j so you'd have the same initials, just something to think about.
    Eden- I like it but do be aware in the states it's typically a girls name, i haven't seen it on a boy but that's no reason it can't be and I imagine it's used often on boys. However I would personally avoid this and Jonas. Of your choices I like Luca and Ezra best.
    As far as suggestions...

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