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    Thoughts on Esperanza

    I am not pregnant, and don't have kids, but I was wondering, what do you think of the name Esperanza? I heard it recently and loved it! What do you think of it, what would be a good middle, and what type of person do you imagine with the name Esperanza?
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    I've never thought of this name before but it's actually very beautiful. It's so exotic and musical, and I love an underused, under appreciated name I imagine an Esperanza to be a very strong minded woman who is creative and artistic.

    I like:

    Esperanza Elaine
    Esperanza Elena
    Esperanza Francesca
    Esperanza Grace
    Esperanza Mariana
    Esperanza Noelle
    Esperanza Viva
    Esperanza Viviana
    Esperanza Willow

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    Esperanza is gorgeous! I have a cousin named Esperanza, and one of my students has the same name. Both of them are creative and strong willed individuals, very sweet, but tough when they need to be. There's also a popular book called Esperanza Rising.

    Suggestions for middles:

    Esperanza Opal
    Esperanza Gray
    Esperanza Colleen
    Esperanza Pearl
    Esperanza Sage
    Esperanza Frey
    Esperanza Lane
    Esperanza Bea
    Esperanza Louise
    Esperanza Quinn
    Esperanza Dale
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    Esperanza Pearl is stunning

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    I think it's a beautiful name and I love that it means "hope." Unlike most other 4 syllable names, I don't think people will automatically shorten this to a nickname. For middle names, I think many one- and two-syllable names would work. I'm not sure if a longer name would. I like Esperanza Ruby.
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