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    Mine are;

    Pride and Prejudice (or anything Jane Austen!!)
    Me Before You - Jojo Moyles
    The Clique series - Lisi Harrison
    Gossip Girl series - Cecily Von Ziegesar (the latter two I haven't read in a while, I unfortunately donated my copies of them when I reached that "too cool for this" stage as a teen).
    The Winnie Years - Lauren Myracle
    The Georgia Nicholson Diaries - Louise Rennison

    The last two are childhood favourites that I still read today - they're both coming of age stories for preteens but they're so relatable and comedic - I just love them!
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    Oh I can't believe I forgot Me Before You! Would also say that The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes is also just wonderful. You'll cry at both.
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    Back when I was a teenager, it was the Twilight series.

    - Harry Potter
    - the graceling series (particularly Fire and Bitterblue) by Kristin Cashore
    -Wuthering Heights
    - The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. They are short stories, but they are very good. The Erlking is my favourite, I read it pretty often
    -The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. These were my favourite books, and I've reread them several times, but its been 6 years since the last book was published, and the final one doesn't look like it will be released any time soon, so Im not sure I would actually recommend it.
    - Ash by Malinda Lo, her other books are also very good
    - The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. I love all her books.
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    The Girl on the Train and Girl, Interrupted are books I have read many times. As well as Anne Frank's Diary.

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    I'm loving these suggestions, keep them coming!
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    Cages of Glass, Flowers of Time by Charlotte Culin : I wouldn't quite call it a coming of age story or a YA book, but it does deal with a teenage girl and some tough topics. It is well-written, though, and easily one of my favorites.

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    My absolute favorite is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I also like her book Eleanor & Park. Both are YA, but the kind of YA books that anyone could enjoy

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    Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Thomas Hardy), Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), Agnes Grey (Anne Bronte), The Tenent of Wildfell Hall (Anne Bronte), The Sound and The Fury (William Faulkner), Anna Karinina (Leo Tolstoy), Swann's Way (Marcel Proust) & Emma (James Austen)
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    Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
    Anna Karinina by Leo Tolstoy
    Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

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    My favourites that I keep coming back to are;
    His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
    Sabriel by Garth Nix
    Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve
    Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
    And Terry Pratchett's Discworld books

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